10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile App

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile App

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile App

Mobiles have become an indispensable gadget for all individuals and are creating a revolution in the eCommerce industry.

Recent surveys have indicated that smart phone users keep their phones near them for almost 22 hours a day!

Further, they spend about 80% of the time browsing through the downloaded apps! Based on data such as these, companies such as Myntra have now become an app-only company!

While that can be the top most reason for having a mobile app for your business, let’s look into the top 10 reasons for which your business needs mobile app.

Freedom from desktop-laptop

  1. Freedom from desktop/laptop

In many instances, the sales or queries are not placed due to lack of access to a desktop or laptop. Additionally, while many don’t own a desktop or laptop, majority of them do own at least a basic smartphone as they are much cheaper. Having an app which can be downloaded on different types of smartphones can hence help you reach these buyers too.

  1. Get quick reviews

Customer reviews does play an important part in the sales of a product.

Buyers who are buying a product for the first time often look at the reviews of the people who have already bought it.

Having an app makes it easier to get reviews when designed aptly, which in turn helps boost sales manifold.


  1. Generate additional revenue

Apps can also be used to have ads placed within the pages. Many gaming apps generate their main revenue by selling ad space on their app. If you are able to get a high number of downloads for your app, you can easily approach relevant brands or companies to advertise on your app. This will help you generate additional revenue from the app.

Track customer location and habit

  1. Track customer location and habit

Apps in the recent times are being designed to get maximum data from the customers. Such data includes customer location, contacts, email ids, etc., which are considered highly valuable in the marketing sector. The data obtained can be used to understand customer behavior patterns on your website/online store and direct marketing strategies to improvise customer engagement.


Increase the number of followers

  1. Increase the number of followers

One of the easiest ways to increase customer base is to create an attractive app and advertise it widely.

Many individuals download the app just out of curiosity and if you are able to develop an interesting app which is easy to use, then majority of them are bound to explore the app further and place orders.


  1. Drive action

Making decisions while browsing through the online store and choosing the right product within a span of few minutes is the biggest challenge for online stores.

Buyers tend to lose interest pretty quickly if they don’t find what they want within the first 5-10 minutes.

Apps can be useful in this aspect where it can be designed in such a way that a buyer can swiftly find the product that he/she is looking for. With proper designing, the products also appear more attractive and drive the sales manifold.


  1. Easier promotions

Promoting a product is as important as having a great image of the same. Apps make it easier to send targeted promotional messages based on the buyer’s behavior recorded on the app.

A buyer who always looks for electronic products on your app can be sent promotional messages related to electronic products, so that he/she is bound to read it as it is related to his/her interest.

Additionally, apps make it simpler for people to share the details of the recently purchased product with their friends.

Increase customer loyalties

  1. Increase customer loyalties

Once a buyer downloads the app of your store, there is every chance that he/she will become a loyal customer. Every time the buyer just has to open the app directly instead of going to the browser, typing the website name, and again type in log-in credentials.

If the store is good and the app is user friendly, it is deleted very rarely. This would mean a buyer who is retained for a long time.

  1. Quick service and support

Apps can be used to offer real-time service and support to the buyers. Recently, Coca Cola developed an app which when downloaded could be used to generate a code for obtaining free coke at select outlets! Options such as these can be easily incorporated within apps, which help you create unique experiences.

Self help and escalation tools can also be provided through the app which can help buyers to quickly troubleshoot or address any concerns faced during shopping.

Customer Engagement

  1. Customer Engagement

This is the topmost reason to have an app for your online or offline store. As mentioned earlier,

customers tend to download apps just for curiosity too and tend to continue using it if found attractive and useful.

It is the simplest way to engage customers in today’s fast paced world where people don’t wait until they get to a desktop/laptop.

Apps can also be used to interact with the customers on a real-time basis which enhances their shopping experience and hence the loyalty.

Happy customers are the most effective advertisers. With social media being used widely, having an app makes it easier to promote the company on websites – both for the company as well as happy customers!

So go ahead and explore the possibility of getting an app for your store right away!


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