3 simple methods to improve your Ecommerce store SEO Ranking

Are you ready with your first online store? Since it is your own online store, I am sure you must have worked really hard to ensure that everything is perfect – be it your products, images, descriptions, website’s design, navigation or website’s content. In the end, everything is looking great, except for one thing – there are no customers!

“I created an impeccable business plan, a beautiful website, one-of-a-kind products and a great marketing strategy; but still customers won’t visit my online store. What did I do wrong?”

The answer to this question is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Did you make sure that your website is SEO-friendly? Did you type your websites name on Google, Yahoo or Bing? Did your website appear on the first page of search results?
If your answer is “NO”, then you have successfully diagnosed your problem


Your website might be excellent; however, Google or other search engines might not be able to understand that. For this, it is important that you make your website SEO-friendly so that Google and other search engines begin to notice it.

SEO is highly technical. Hence, it is best that you hire knowledgeable and experienced professionals for achieving good results. However, there are a few basic things which you yourself can do for your online store without hiring a SEO professional. These tips will definitely make a difference in making your website SEO-friendly, and will help you get started.


1. Add Fresh Content

Keep on uploading engaging and relevant content on your website. More the number of people reading your content, the higher will be the probability of generating a sale. While creating content for your business, make note of the following things:
Regularly upload fresh content. Google’s latest update gives more preference to freshly added content.
Upload unique content. Google provides low rankings to copied content.
Fill your content with keywords (2-3% of your content). Keywords refer to those words which your customers are mostly likely to use in order to search you.

2. Google Authorship

While searching something on the web, sometimes you might have seen something like this in your search results.


Some results will be seen along with the name and picture of a person (due to google authorship) while some will comprise of plain text. Needless to say, the one with the images are more eye-catchy and trustworthy. Hence, viewers are bound to click on it first before trying out other links. Isn’t that true?
It works the same way for online stores as well. If they see your image along with your name, they know that there is real person behind the online store. This will build their trust, and as a result will drive more sales to your business.
Obtaining Google authorship is easy. You just need to create a Google+ account and link your profile to your content. The only problem with authorship is that it takes several weeks for Google to show your profile next to your content. However, once it happens, you will immediately see the difference it creates in generating traffic.

3. Localize Your Content

Lately, Google has started giving more preference to local content. For instance, if a person living in Delhi types “restaurants” in Google Search, his search results will be automatically related to restaurants in Delhi, without even typing the keyword “Delhi”. Hence, make sure that you localize your content in order to target local consumers. For this, follow the following steps:
Make use of Google’s Webmaster tools and select relevant option from Site Configuration > Geographic target. Include localized keywords in your content. For instance, using headlines like “Best Cakes in Delhi”. Use location co-ordinates meta-tags in your web page’s content

If you have questions on implementing any of these stragergies on your ecommerce store, do let me know and I’ll help you out with the same

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