5 Best Ways to Validate Your Product Ideas

5 Best ways to validate your product Idea
5 Best ways to validate your product Idea

How to Validate your Product Ideas ?

The contemporary world is a jungle of problems and the some innocuously smart minds.Living in this world is making the best use of these problems for building their million-dollar-company. You can also be one of them, all you need to do is flush the so called ideas like out-of-box thinking and thinking different, you need not to think differently in order to solve a problem and make a million dollar business out of it. All you need to do is experience them and grow stronger. You cannot develop enough insight for a problem until and unless you go through it intricately. So if you are looking forward to develop a business and make million dollars out of it then start experiences problem around you and start thinking over and there is a huge probability that you will get your Life Changing Idea soon.

We bring to you a detailed article that will help you in developing confidence about the product you are building in order to solve a problem or in order to bring a change in the world.

  1.  Analyze your product and understand your competition 

    Simply starting a company and working for the solution of problem will lead you nowhere, you will have to brain storm a lot and you will have to listen more than speaking. You will have to get into the market and you will have to understand the competition and you will have to study the way in which your competitions are trying to solve the problem and you will have to be better than them.

  2.  How long your competitions have been doing 

    You will have to measure the time you have wasted in thinking and procrastinating and this can only be done by measuring the progress your competition has made. Study them again and start working with a better speed in order to grab them or in order to counter them. Your competition is going to bring the best out of you, hence never shy away in checking their progress.

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  3. Understand the Market 

    You will have to understand the market and you will also have to understand the place for your product in the market, you will have to look whether your product is viable or it has turned obsolete, if it’s a case of latter then you will have to abandon the project and you will have to start all over again, which is going to be very difficult, so keep changing your business and your product with the changing market.

  4.  Get into the crowd and ask your audience for feedback 

    The people who all are experiencing the problem are going to buy your product and hence it always seems legitimate to concentrate on what they think. You will have to take their input and you will have to make them spend in your product which in terms of business is referred to as Crowd Funding. Hence, grab this chance and meet more people to understand the requirements of your business in a better way.

  5.  Launch a Test product or store 

    You will have to check the viability of your product before you launch it on a grand scale, Varun Agrawal—the CO-founder of Alma Mater—sold 2500 hoodies on the first day of their business and it was that moment when they knew that they have something in their hand to make a business out of.


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