5 Proven Techniques to drive Traffic to your E-commerce Store

5 Proven Techniques to drive Traffic to your E-commerce Store
5 Proven techniques to drive traffic to your ecommerce store
5 Proven techniques to drive traffic to your ecommerce store

So you’ve set up your online store, your products are ready, your site is up and running, all you need now is customers, Where and How to get them is the million dollar question here. Know this, that it is equally important as to what you’re selling, that you market it well. If you won’t make your presence felt on the right platform, people won’t know about you, it’s as simple as that. For an online store, it is all about making your presence felt as you don’t have a physical store on a street that the customer will come across by chance someday. Here are some of the proven techniques to make sure that you don’t go silent into the night.

  • SEO:

    That’s right, if you’re a store selling nappies online, so when someone searches about babies, your store should also show up in the search results. Targeting your products to the right audience is foremost, offer them just what they need and will need in future. It is all about relation, relating to customer searches and what you are offering them.

  • Advertising:

    Old, but still remains the most tried and tested technique to get results. Be it flyers, or in TV, newspapers and websites, it is a proven method that never fails to deliver. However since it requires resources, it is recommended that you do thorough research about your target audience and plan your campaign well.

Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Website 
  • Social Media:

    Social networking websites play a major role as a marketplace and virtual showrooms these days. Companies post their entire catalogues on social sites these days, Instagram being one of the major platforms for the same. Google plusFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest   is also leading platforms for getting traffic, they target your product to the audience interested in it or similar to it. 

  • Forums:

    People will believe the word of someone who has actually used it rather than what company claims them to be. It holds true as many users first discuss about the product in forums and similar platforms before deciding to use the product themselves. They like to learn from the experience of others and this very factor can be used to influence them to use your products. However, it is tricky and can backfire if not done properly. 

  • Endorsements

    Endorsements need not necessarily be in the form of celebrities and big media persons, though if it’s well within your pocket, nothing like it. However, even if you get endorse bloggers and people who run video channels and write product reviews, it can get you some serious traffic. As a lot many of them command a huge fan following, what they write and speak matters, people listen to them and follow what they say. It is advisable to get ten moderate endorsements, instead of a single big one because the ten different ones will get you a more diverse set of audience at a much more affordable price than that of hiring a renowned one.


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