5 Simple ways to improve Customer Loyalty on your eCommerce store

5 Simple ways to improve Customer Loyalty on your eCommerce store


Technology has completely redefined shopping experience! Gratitude to technology, gadgets and Internet, shopping has never been this easy, convenient and quick. With almost everything available at your fingertips, right from apparels to gadgets, furnishings to footwear, the digital world has it all.

Over the past few years, ecommerce market has gained significant ground in India, and it is increasingly gaining acceptance from the Indian consumers. Currently a $10 billion market, it is set to further boom in coming years and Indian ecommerce is set to be worth $43 billion in next 5 years.


With the market set to explode, it is not surprising to find hundreds of new entrants in the Indian ecommerce market each day. With key ecommerce players already at loggerhead and battling for market share, the competition is going to turn more intense and cut-throat in coming years.

As new businesses are set to enter in the ecommerce store India, already established businesses in Indian ecommerce must make the most of the time and experience available with them. Customer is the king in the ecommerce marketplace, and every ecommerce business needs to focus their efforts on their customers. But, their efforts should not just be directed towards acquiring new customers, rather they should first emphasize on customer retention. They should be able to build a strong and loyal customer base so that their market share is not compromised even with the launch of new ecommerce stores. Here are few tactics for online businesses in India for customer retention –ecommerce-carts

  1. Identify your target customer base, and create customized content and campaigns. By creating giving users information on areas of their interest, it is easier to get attention and turn visitors into customers. Personalized suggestions and content makes the customer feel valued and important.
  2. Before suggesting products to the customer,learn about their needs and requirements. If your ecommerce store provides customer with products they don’t ‘need’, there is no reason they will come back to you. Use your resources to research on customer behavior and habits. Also remember, these habits change with gender, demographics and even trends. So, customer behavior research should be an ongoing process rather one-time activity.
  3. Regularly communicate with your customers in the form of thank you messages, sale notifications, special offers, order follow-ups and others. If you lose communication with the customer, there is a high probability that you won’t hear back from them again. Communication is key to customer retention.     customer-loyalty-on-your-ecommerce-store
  4. For Indian ecommerce users, one of the biggest disappointments is the customer service. Remember, don’t make commitments to customer over any subject you are uncertain of. For example, commitment for single day delivery for the customer orders or return back policy of 60 days. Not delivering the product on time is the biggest disappointment, and you will surely lose the customer. Be realistic and practical while framing your policies so that your ecommerce business can fulfill promises made to the consumer.
  5. To retain customers, you need to have a well defined approach to prevent customers from leaving your site. You should be able to ‘save’ your customers who are leaving out of the door. So, develop strategies beforehand and provide ecommerce training to your staff on what they should do if a customer is dissatisfied and leaving. You could use tools like BounceBlock or Webengage to improve this metric.

With growing number of onlonline-store-brands-in-indiaine store India, every ecommerce business needs to focus on understanding customer metrics and developing long-term customer value. Give the customers exactly what they are looking for, and you can stay assured they won’t venture towards any other online store.


Setting up an ecommerce business in India can be really challenging. Make sure, you have all details and information required for the setup. Read more about setting up ecommerce business in India.

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