5 Unique Ideas for an Online Store

5 Unique Ideas for an Online Store
5 Unique Ideas for an Online Store
5 Unique Ideas for an Online Store

Looking for that unique idea for setting up an online store? Or have an idea but you are not sure whether you can set up an online store for it? Read through the article to know more.

Here are a few ideas for free! What we expect in return? Should you decide to set up an online store, use the simple to use eCommerce platform from Shopnix

  1. Handmade Products

Yes, that hobby of yours can help you make money! Many women have the hobby of making bags, candles, keychains, soaps, etc. Such products are now being increasingly sought as the awareness about saving nature and reducing the use of products that are made from harmful chemicals is increasing.

Handmade Products

Products such as these can be sold online and you can earn additional income by selling it to larger number of people than just your neighbors.


  1. Recycled Products

As the government and local bodies are banning plastic products that are harmful for nature as these are not biodegradable, question arises about what to do with already available products. Recycling them is the best idea.

Recycled Products

While many people are interested in making and using recycled products, they rarely find time to make them. So if you or a group of individuals are involved in making these products, its time you started selling these products online !

  1. Art and Craft Products

Many people are involved in making unique art and craft products through techniques such as quilling, decoupage and with products such as instant coffee powder. However, such art and craft is not known to many although such products are astonishing.


art and crafts products
Art and Crafts Products

Additionally, it was earlier difficult to showcase these products to a wider audience other than family and friends. With the advent of eCommerce platforms such as that from Shopnix, it is now easy to showcase these products to the whole world!

  1. Plants and Seeds

Being close to nature is everyone’s wish; this is especially true for the urban population that lives in concrete jungles! As people don’t have much time searching for a local plant store to source plants, pots, manure, or soil, the idea of having indoor plants is often let go.

seeds and plants

If you love growing plants, then you can use it to cater to such people and also have an additional source of income. Plants that are sought out include flowering plants, indoor plants, designer plants and vegetable plants.

  1. DIY Craft / Hobby kits for children

With mobiles and electronic gadgets being widely available, children are becoming addicted to these, which have numerous ill effects on the body and mind. Although parents do want their children to come out of this habit, they are often left with minimal options.


The Do-It-Yourself  or hobby kits where you can provide ready to make toys or crafts such as airplanes or boats, etc can be a great idea to explore. There are already a few online stores which have taken up this idea. Nevertheless, you may have the flair to create some more unique kits such as these.

Go ahead and start creating an online store for that new or traditional hobby of yours! Not only does it help generate additional income it also helps keep alive traditions such as Thanjavur paintings.

6. Sell Handbags online

Sell handbags online

You can set up a trendy online store and can sell purses and handbags online. The demand for exquisite bags are increasing, why not start an online store and cater this niche segment.

Zero investment eCommerce Store


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