6 Useful tool to Boost your Ecommerce Business

6 Useful tool to Boost your Ecommerce Business

A generation or so ago, starting a new business in India used to be so harder which usually meant getting a bank loan, renting a store front and all. But today, launching a new online store is not a rocket science. It is not only more affordable than ever, but easier too! With the help of right tools, anyone can do online sales and be successful as well. From DIY (Do-It-Yourself) e-commerce website builders to some online marketplaces, there is a plethora of online tools available that allows you to run and grow your business affordably. Here are some of the day-to-day tools to start a successful e-commerce business.

  1. Stock Free Images

    Be it for regular social media posts or for designing/creating banners for your online store, you can’t refuse the fact that ready and free images make it easy easier. You can use stock images for social media posts and for creating beautiful banners. For such images, you need not worry about giving due credit to the owner or infringing copyrights. Some of the examples of sites those provide stock free images include StockVault, SXC, Kavewall, FreePhotosBank, FreeMediaGOO and CreativeCommons.

  2. Image Editing Tools


    Once images are taken for the site, the next step is to edit your images for crisp and clean product photos. You can edit your product pictures to fill required little more light or to crop out extra background in it. Whatever jazz you wish to add to your images, sone quick online image editing tools such as Pixir, Picasa, Instagram and Aviary can help you out.

  3. Image Resizing Tools

    Nowadays, images produced by DSLRs have large image files with high quality and resizing these images is a pain in itself. You need to resize the images so that they’re small enough for sites for quick loading. You can also resize a bunch of images at one go using online batch image resizing tools such as Picasa, PicResize and JavaResizer.

  4. Banner Designing Tools


    Banners are an essential part of online business as we know it. If you need to design a promotional banner ad or header for your site, luckily, you need not to hire a professional to create one. With some easy online banner designing tools such as BannerFans, Fotor and MyBannerMaker, you can ensure a great first impression.

  5. Pattern Designers

    When the color combination of your website is perfect, but you don’t like the background, then what to do? If you’ve hands-on with Photoshop, you can design a creative background for your site. Or there are a few websites those provide design patterns for your website including PatternCooler, ColorLovers and Pattern8. Just visit one of these sites, choose a pattern you like, select the size and download the same.

  6. Social Media Tool


    Today, Social Media is increasingly becoming a key source to get traffic to your website. One of the essential parts of online business, it allows you to grow your network and correspondingly growing your brand. There is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest to start with. While it used to be that it would cost a fortune to create brand awareness, with social media you spend only time, not your money. Isn’t it great?

No matter, which business you are launching online, these tools will definitely help you increasing your brand’s visibility and creating repeat business opportunities from customers. So what to wait for? If you’ve always wanted to start your online store and sell online, now is the time.

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