Amazing Customer Service : How Does Apple Gets It Right Every Time

Amazing Customer Service : How Does Apple Gets It Right Every Time
Amazing Customer Service
Amazing Customer Service

Whenever you hear Apple, the first thing that strikes your mind is one of the biggest techie firms in the world. True, Apple is one sensational company that has it all. Great innovative ideas, great products and to top all great customer service. All over the world with such a huge customer range, how do they do it?? And with a consistency so great throughout.

Want the same for your store?? But you don’t know the key to such a great customer service. Well, today is your lucky day because today you’ll learn a few key points that are the building blocks of such a service explained below elaborately. Just for you.

 Need a great service, get great representatives:

 At Apple, the chosen recruits go through intensive training with a rigorous screening before the arch on to the shop floor to interact with customers. To represent the name of Apple, the representatives themselves need to love their product their environment their work. And for representatives to love the product they make such products and such an environment.

Apply the same to your store. Pick the people carefully who represent the name of your store. And then train them and teach them what ethics of your business are. If they love your business they’ll represent you with a great zeal no questions asked.


Amazig Customer Service
Amazig Customer Service

Very specific line of do’s and don’ts :

 Now Apple has spelled out every letter of its brand name into a list of do’s and don’ts carefully designed to represent its value in market and its business ethics.

Your store might just need the same. Now you don’t need to do follow the exact same strategy of spelling your brand name out. But you do need to have a clear line of do’s and don’ts for your representatives that interact with your customers. A list that entails your whole business values, what you feel that is needed by your customers in their service and suits your business requirements too.

 Feel your customer’s feelings :

 One of the techniques from Apple’s handbook to keep their customer happy is to “put yourself in their place and think”. As simple as it sounds, its not that easy. Your retail store representative might flow into the focus of sales rather than focusing on your customer’s needs. That is where things go wrong. If your customers feel that they are not understood, they’ll walk right out of your store. So in other words, focus on what your customer wants not on what you want to sell them.

 Create a punch point:

Apple uses “try before you buy”. Come up with your own original punch line that is so attractive at the same time practical for your business that earns you customers as well as sales. Your store needs something that stands it out from every other retailer in the market. Just following the traditional ways of marketing won’t do it for your store. So make new move and create a new selling point and gain back the old customers as well as win some new ones.

 Happy selling.


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