How to Start an Automobile Spare Parts Store Online | Sell Spare Parts Online

How to Start an Automobile Spare Parts Store Online | Sell Spare Parts Online

eCommerce business is the new trend. As the internet users and online shoppers are increasing rapidly, it is wise to rise up to this trend and adapt quickly. Like many of the online stores which sell anything from a hairpin to a toe ring, it is also a wise decision to start an automobile spare parts store online. This is especially true for two basic reasons. One is the fact that internet users have now started trusting the eCommerce businesses and the other owing to the finding that even rural users have now started shopping online. So, how do you start an automobile spare parts store online? Let’s look into this quickly!

Decide the business model

The first thing to evaluate once you have decided to start an automobile spare parts store online is the business model. There are two options to sell spare parts online. One is a self-operated complete model and the other one is the drop-ship model. In the former model, you would set up a warehouse (or operate from an existing physical store) where you stock all the automobile spare parts and then ship them yourself. In the latter model, you tie-up with different automobile spare parts vendors and transfer the orders to them, who will then ship them to the buyers on your behalf. This is the most crucial step as this is the base on which you will build your business. Both models have their own pros and cons. These need to be evaluated before going ahead with your plan. Basically, a self-operated model is ideal for those who already have an existing offline store while drop-shipping is better for those who want to start from scratch.

Finish the legal requirements

The next aspect to be taken care of is the legal requirements to start an automobile spare parts store online. Requirements related to setting up an official business address, name, logo, tax and local registrations, etc need to taken care of before you actually start off with your business. There may be a few variations in these requirements across different regions of India. Consulting the respective local offices is preferable in such cases. You must also ensure that the name of the company and the logo are unique so that there are no copyright and trademark issues that may arise later.

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Choose the eCommerce platform

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is the next most important factor to be considered when you start an automobile spare parts store online. While there are several frees to use software that can be used to design an online store by yourself, do not venture into it unless you have enough to invest in a software development team that will take care of this aspect. For all others, there are numerous ready to use eCommerce platforms that can be used to set up the online store. Among these, I would recommend Shopnix, mainly because I have been using this platform for over 7 years! And believe me, it has been quite easy to set up, flexible enough to tweak according to my needs, safe for both me and my customers, and reliable in terms of support.

Some of the features that are a must in your online store other than the basic features include: economic subscription plans, an attractive theme which can be customised according to your needs, easy to use back end interface, simple to shop store features (for the buyers), a secure payment gateway, a versatile online store which adapts to both desktop and mobile screens and most importantly, a robust support team which is there to help you out at times of difficulty.

Finish the basic tasks for the eCommerce platform

Some of the basic tasks that you need to finish before you start an automobile spare parts store online are – taking good product photographs, writing product descriptions, deciding the product categories, finalizing the price details and choosing the right payment gateway. Attractive photographs are required to generate interest among the buyers and also enable the buyers to evaluate the finer details of the products they are looking to buy. Adequate product descriptions are necessary to help the buyers choose the right products. This is especially true for automobile spare parts store online as there are innumerable spare parts which look similar but may vary in several features. Hence, listing all these details not only helps the buyer choose the right product, but also reduces the chances of products being returned. Another important aspect is categorizing the products so that the buyers can quickly browse through and pick up the right products. Pricing is also a vital aspect. You should keep the price competitive and yet profitable for you. Last but not least is choosing the right payment gateway. Choose the one which is economical, safe and reliable.

Packaging & Logistics

The next task to be accomplished before you start an automobile spare parts store online is to pick up the packaging material and choose your logistic partner. The packaging material should be customized to match your needs. Boxes, wrapping sheets, protective covers, etc may all be needed to ensure that the products reach your buyer without any damages. Any damage can not only prove to be costly for you, but it can also lead to loss of trust in your automobile spare parts store. Choosing the right logistics partner is also important for the same reason! With the boom in the eCommerce industry numerous players, both traditional and modern have been offering their services to the eCommerce industry. Choose the one that offers competitive prices, safe handling, quick delivery and most importantly, a wide coverage.

Once you have accomplished all of the above steps you are ready to start an automobile spare parts store online! Better sales come with better products and reliable service. Ensure that the products listed are genuine and worth every penny that the buyer spends! This would help you set up a successful automobile spare parts store online.


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