Case Study on Ecommerce – CoorgShoppe

Case Study on Ecommerce – CoorgShoppe

Case study on eCommerce helps you understand the challenges related to running an online store and implement several aspects which have been tried out by the existing stores. It is always better to learn from the experience of others, instead of running blind. The learning curve, especially for those who are new to the world of business can be quite high if there is no one to guide. Further, it is always better to learn the tricks of the trade from those who are already in business, rather than from someone who can just speculate or guess the problems and outcomes. Therefore, educating yourself with case study on eCommerce can be quite beneficial.

Here, I present the case study on ecommerce of CoorgShoppe, an online store which exclusively deals with products specific to Coorg. The products that are sold on this website are all procured from Coorg. Additionally, CoorgShoppe also intends to promote businesses that operate from Coorg or those owned by people from Coorg. CoorgShoppe, which was set up in 2012, has been one of the first batch of customers for Shopnix and has continued its association with Shopnix since then.

Before We Delve into the Intricacies of a Case Study Let me Answer few General Queries

  • About my eCommerce venture, the business model, and the niche market I cater?

Coorgshoppe is the world’s first online store created to sell products that are exclusively found in Coorg.

  • What suggestions do I have for young entrepreneur in deciding the niche market. (eg: Niche segments with high competition seems hard to penetrate in the initial days).
    Identify the niche products and the market demand. Targeting the right customer is the key to success and there are no right ways or there are no wrong ways to do things. Experiment every possible way to know what is the best.
  • My first sale, and what marketing strategies do I practice on a daily basis.
    The first online order was placed by a celebrity and luckily he was located in Bangalore. I personally delivered the order and asked him for a photo and he obliged gracefully. An unforgettable experience. Customer satisfaction is the key marketing strategy for your success.
  • Tips for budding ecommerce entrepreneurs?
    Provide quality service and customers will help you excel
  • How Shopnix help you me set up my eCommerce store? Why Shopnix was you final choice?
    Shopnix happened by chance. Avinash and the support team were very helpful in the initial days when I was understanding the nuances of eCommerce. They still help me decide the choices and help sort out issues quickly.
  • Why do I recommend Shopnix as a preferred partner to start an online store?
    There are several reasons. Some of the key reasons are as below – Ease of setup – Economical plans – Simple to upload the products, modify the themes and edit product listings – Strong support team which quickly responds to your queries and concerns

The Need

Thousands of visitors visit Coorg every month during the weekends and holidays. Apart from visiting many of the tourist and religious destinations in Coorg, the tourists buy several of the local produce and products available from the local stores. Many of the native people of Coorg who visit their hometown are often requested by their friends to get some of these products too. All such people didn’t have any option to buy them anywhere outside Coorg except for a few stores located in Bangalore. So there was a need to address this requirement. Understanding such needs through case study on ecommerce helps to address the problems easily.

The Problem

While there were a few local stores located in some of the cities such as Bangalore, they could not cater to people in all the areas of Bangalore. There was a demand for the Coorg products from other regions of India as well as abroad too. So the local stores could not cater to such demands. Additionally, many of the people seldom knew about the existence of such stores or lived quite far from it and didn’t want to drive all the way for a couple of Coorg products. There was no similar case study on ecommerce which could provide the answers clearly.

The simplest solution for all these issues was setting up an online store. However, there are several aspects which needs to be addressed while running an online store. Apart from being a user-friendly store where people could easily locate and place the orders of their favourite products, an online store should also help the seller record all the details of the people who place the orders, so that the order can be executed. Additionally, both the buyer and seller should be able to track the details of the orders and also the order status. This would require the online store to have several features that would address all the aspects related to smooth running of the store. Case study on ecommerce addressing these issues suggested investing in a SaaS based ecommerce platform.

CoorgShoppe did not want to invest huge amount in setting up an online store as the outcome of such store was not sure. Although there was a demand for Coorg products, the response to such a store was unpredictable. So, CoorgShoppe was looking for a economical option which would address all the requirements of an online store.

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The Solution

The solution for these issues was offered by Shopnix through a SAAS based ecommerce platform. It offered almost all the features which were required for the smooth running of an online store. On the store front side, several themes were available which could be easily adapted. The store front was not only attractive, but was also easy for the buyers to browse through the products. It came with an integrated payment gateway to help shoppers pay for the products bought easily. On the back-end, it helped the support team not only to track orders, but also to understand the buying trends. The eCommerce platform provided by Shopnix also help the seller to update the product information, shipping status and details, and also evaluate the most requested products.

The case study on eCommerce store Coorgshoppe is a perfect example of how the demand and supply were connected by the eCommerce platform provided by Shopnix. With the support provided by Shopnix, CoorgShoppe became the first online store to sell Coorg products exclusively. The ease of shopping gradually inceased the popularity of CoorgShoppe and it has now become one of the leading online stores for Coorg products.

The eCommerce platform offered by Shopnix has numerous features which helps the seller to set-up, sell and follow-up the orders placed online. The platform is also quite simple to use. Uploading product details, editing the details whenever required, and also informing the buyer about the availability of an out-of-stock product, is easily possible with the eCommerce platform offered by Shopnix. There are several other features that can be used to track the sales and understand the buying trends. These features are offered at economical rates which are much lesser compared to the amount spent on setting up an online store from scratch (and also periodic maintenance).

The case study on eCommerce – CoorgShoppe also helps us understand that an eCommerce platform can be the solution for several challenges related to the gap existing between the supply and demand of several products and services. Shopnix offers customized solutions to such problems at a reasonable price. Further, the eCommerce platform offered by Shopnix comes with a trial period of 14 days . Sellers can get a hang of the store functinality by registering themselves on the Shopnix website. The eCommerce platform can be tried for free for a period of 14 days before making the final decision. The case study on eCommerce store like CoorgShoppe is one of the many successful stories supported by Shopnix.

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Lirish is a freelance content writer who has an exceptional domain knowledge when comes to eCommerce. Lirish is also an entrepreneur at heart. Lirish runs a full fledged eCommerce store "CoorgShoppe" that exclusively deals with products from Coorg and caters to a diverse market segments. CoorgShoppe is powered by Shopnix.

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