Checklist to launch an eCommerce Store

The below checklist indicates the essential steps to make your eCommerce business fully operational. This has been prepared to have your eCommerce store up and running in the least time possible.

1) Get a free Shopnix Store (5 mins : )
Create an online eCommerce store on Shopnix @ zero cost. Click the “GET FREE STORE” button on

2) Company incorporation (3 – 4 weeks)

You’ll need a legal entity to recieve online payments in India. There are multiple options available like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP and Pvt Ltd Company., Unless you are already incorporated, you will need to register yourself as a company/ enterprise. Below companies can help you in this regard –



3) Payment Gateway (1 – 1.5 months)

If you already hold a merchant account with a payment gateway then we can quickly integrate it with Shopnix. If not, you can start accepting payments via Cash On Delivery (through Courier companies) & cash transfers into your bank account. But you will very soon need a merchant account on a payment gateway. Through a payment gateway you can accept payments in a lot more ways (Eg: Credit cards, Debit cards, Internet Banking). Below are ‘some’ of the companies that can help you in getting a merchant account (Click on image to visit company website).  

Once you get a merchant account get in touch with the Shopnix team and we will integrate it with your store.

4) Courier Providers (1 – 2 weeks)

Unless you have your own delivery team, you will need to tie up with a Courier Provider who can deliver in your area. Below are some links to popular courier service providers (Click on image to visit company website) –          Aramex Home Total Transportation and Logistics Solutions         TNT - Sure we canFedEx.com5) Web Designers (1-2 weeks)

While you are signing-up with one or more of the above providers you will  also paralelly need to design a logo, banners, backgrounds & other art work for your store.  You will also need a lot of design advice for your store design. Below are some of the design firms that can assist you with this (Click on image to visit company website) –



6) Marketing

Once your store goes live you will need to advertise and promote your store. Marketing is a HUGE topic in itself.

Ideally you will need a marketing agency to manage your marketing activities. However internet marketing has become quite easy and much of it you can be self managed initially.

For this, you will obviously need the holy trinity of internet marketing : )


For more eCommerce marketing advice stay tuned to our blog.


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