How to Choose a Right Domain Name and Extensions for Your Business

How to Choose a Right Domain Name and Extensions for Your Business
How to choose a right domain name and extensions for your business
How to choose a right domain name and extensions for your business

Selecting the domain name for your business requires lots of thinking and consideration of various factors. The domain name in a way represents your identity on the web and that’s the reason you want to make sure that the domain name should suit your business. On the other hand it should be easy to remember, find and promote amongst your customer base. Some tips for getting a good domain name are as follows:

  1. A domain name should be always easy to type.

This is a very fundamental factor to be kept in mind to make your business is a success online. Usage of some slang and chatting language, or words with same and multiple spellings make it difficult for the customer to locate your site.


  1. Domain name should always be kept as short as possible.

As a long and complex type of domain name will lead to higher probability of a customer making a typing error while searching for your website and hence will face problems in reaching your site. So better keep it short, simple and hence easy to remember.


  1. Try using the keywords which people tend to use while looking for the product or service you offer.

Like if you are a travel agency then your domain name must have the word ‘travels’ in it. How this thing helps is that it improves your rank on the search engines, hence leads to higher traffic and which will improve the profitability of the business.

  1. Avoid having numbers and hyphens in your domain name as they tend to create confusion.

For example, if somebody hears your website name and it has a number in it. This creates confusion that number is spelled or it is written as a numeral itself.


  1. Do enough research before getting a domain name as it shouldn’t be trademarked, copyrighted or already be used by some other company or firm as this could lead to legal troubles.


  1. Do sufficiently brainstorming by thinking of terms and phrases that best describe the domain you are seeking.

Do sufficiently brainstorming

  1. Get your domain name registered as fast as you can.

These domain names get sold very quickly as they are not so expensive. If you are getting problems in having the desired name, domain registrars suggest you most suitable ones with reference to your choice.


  1. The domain name should be catchy so that it becomes easy to remember.

Already there are millions of registered domain names so to make your sound different and memorable think of a really catchy one.


  1. Making use of appropriate domain name extension is important.

Because getting suffixes like com, net at the end of web address can be tough. Some other popular extensions these days are like co, info, net, org, biz etc.

appropriate domain name extension

  1. Focus on protecting and building your brand.

By buying various domain extensions and also the misspelled versions of your domain name as competitors may use it by regDomain-name-copyright-registered-trademarkistering them and then your customers may be directed to their site and hence will result in loss for you.



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