Choosing The Best Payment Gateway in India


The key task for an online  business is to choose a payment gateway that is secure and fast, So, what is a payment gateway?A payment gateway is an application that facilitates the payment made by customers for buying products online by receiving the account information from the concerned website. It’s simply an online substitute for the credit card processing facilities that we find in a physical store. It facilitates the payment by net banking and card transactions by engaging with the customer’s bank, confirms the information and transfers the funds to e-commerce store by deducting its charges. There are some handful options in India although the services are not great as per current market scenario, you must take a closer look on each one before selecting a provider that is sufficient for your business.   Selecting a payment gateway is a tough task in  India due to stringent RBI procedures to follow, however it is expected to change in coming years due to exploding online retail market generally it takes about 45 days to complete all the procedures before accepting payment from customers so its better to start asap.

Types of Charges levied by a payment gateway provider

Generally there will be 3 components of payments that are to be made to the payment gateway by an online retailer.It is not compulsory that all these 3 will be charged by every provider it depends upon each one differently

  1. Set up fee

    It is the initial payment to be made for payment gateway to start providing services by agreeing terms of agreement.It is one time payment.

  2. TDR

    Also called transaction charge is a commission to be paid on every transaction that is made through payment gateway  based on before agreed % on each transaction it may vary when the mode of payment changes like through debit card, credit card and net banking.

  3. Annual Maintenance Charges

    These charges are to paid annually like a maintenance fee it also may vary depending on sales based upon agreement

While searching for a right one each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages for ex- companies with low set up cost charges more TDR in transactions and vice versa, while some companies doesn’t charge set up fee so, here are some major players in Indian context with there key features.

EBSdownload (2)

EBS is one of the most secured online payment service provider. It is only provider with an extensive local network spread across 8 cities in India. It provides custom packages based on the volumes committed along with sector specific pricing for Insurance, Education and companies dealing in B2B business.


  • Setup: 0000
  • AMC: 1200-3600
  • Credit Cards and Net Banking: 2.75-4.9%
  • Debit Cards: 1.25%
  • Settlement: Order date + 2 days

PayUdownload (3)

PayU has a conversion rate of 12%. It claims to Go Live fastest at a much affordable pricing. It offers features like iFrame solution for secure collection of card data. 1Click checkout, payment analytics, IVR Payments and Email invoicing. The clients include major brands like Jabong, Snapdeal, Bookmyshow and many site offers some special offers on PayU check below


We have offer free payment gateway – Payu Enterprise to all our stores with transaction rates as low as 0.75%!

PAYU Enterprise Commercials

  • Setup: Nil
  • AMC: 2400
  • Credit Cards & Net Banking: 3%
  • Debit Cards: 0.75%
  • Settlement: Order date + 2 days
  • Eligibility: Business with Current Account

PAYUPAISA Commercials

  • Setup: Nil
  • AMC: Nil
  • Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Net Banking: 2.9%
  • Settlement: Delivery date + 5 days
  • Eligibility: Individuals with Savings account or Businesses with current account


DirecPay offers a very diverse product line allowing customers to access through internet and IVRS. They work closely with agdownloadencies to optimise SEO and PPC advertising for their customer websites. It offers option of MultiBank EMC, wherein all major banks like HDFC, Citi bank are supported for EMI conversion and other unique features include dropped transaction tracking, automated reconciliation, real time MIS and on demand and reporting tools.


Like PayU you still have DirecPay as well available at the below special rates from us

DIRECPAY Commercials

  • Setup: Nil
  • AMC: Nil
  • Credit Cards and Net Banking: 3%
  • Debit Cards: 1.25%
  • Settlement: Order date + 2 days
  • Eligibility: Business with Current Account


Zaakpay:download (4)

Zaakpay mainly aims at simplifying payments. It offers both web and mobile payment options and has a unique T+1 settlement clearing process. Its mobile payment (Mpay) provides In-app payments facility for android and iphone applications.


  • Setup: 10000-30000
  • AMC: Nil
  • Credit Cards and Debit cards: 2.25-3%
  • Net banking: Not available


With a major client base of education, government services and travel and tourism sectors there are over 4500 companies assocdownloadiated with it and more than 100 payment options are available It’s services include 5 credit cards, 50+ debit cards and over 50 net banking options. It has been providing services in India since 2006 and is a subsidiary of Financial technologies group.

  • Setup: 50000
  • AMC: 1200-3600
  • Credit Cards : 2.5-5%
  • Debit Cards & Net Banking: 2.5-4%

CCAvenue ccavenue-payment-getway-services

It is the biggest 3rd party player in India. It offers over 100 payment options and collect funds in over 27 different currencies. Almost 85% of e-commerce sites in India currently use CCAvenue as their payment gateway. It has 24/7 customer care and offers wide range of services along with many innovative features such as phone pay, real-time live monitoring tool and retry option that give users three attempts to complete their purchase.


  • Setup: 0-40000
  • AMC: 2500
  • Credit Cards : 2.75%
  • Debit Cards :2.75 % & Net Banking: Not available


Citrus is technologically quite advanced and sound. It has recently raised 2 million USD from Sequoia capital, download (1)This gateway offers some unique features like single click checkout, In App purchases. It also provides a feature where in even when a transaction fails the customer finds himself on the payment page instead of basic information filling page. It has acquired over 550 merchants over past 13 months and records up to 1100 transactions per day.


  • Setup: 0
  • AMC: 0
  • Credit Cards : 2-2.75%
  • Debit Cards : 1-2.75% & Net Banking: 1.6-2.75%


We hope you found the article useful. If you have any questions, do let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll answer it for you.



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