Conversion Hacks – How to Optimize Product Pages to Increase Sales

Conversion Hacks – How to Optimize Product Pages to Increase Sales

Facing problems with low sales? While there can be several reasons and numerous complex solutions, here’s one simple reason and the solution for it. Optimize your product page! Yes, that’s right! Often issues with product pages can be the main reason for not enough conversions. With the competition on the rise, you need to buckle up and rectify issues at the earliest to handle challenges. Here are a few conversion hacks to optimize product pages to increase sales.

Get the Basics Right

One of the first conversion hacks is to get the basic page design and content right. The first outlook of the page depends on the following:

  •     Product placement
  •     Branding
  •     Product description
  •     Page design/theme     

Optimize product pages to increase sales and convert visitors to buyers by addressing this issue. The product should be showcased on the product page while the branding should be unique. Every product should have an ample amount of description to ensure the buyer gets all the details he/she is looking for. Choose the right eCommerce platform (such as Shopnix) to get the best theme which not only highlights the product images in a great way but also makes it easier for the buyer to browse and buy the intended product.

Have Great Product Pictures

The next step to optimize product pages to increase sales is to have great product images. Shoppers generally want to touch and feel the products and also go through the product descriptions printed over the product labels. However, this is not entirely possible in online stores. To compensate, the images on your online stores should be able to provide the closest to a real experience of the product. This can be ensured by taking high resolution images of the product being sold, in a white background and with enough lighting to highlight the product. The white background highlights the product being displayed quite well. If the product itself is white, then some other contrast background should be used. You should also ensure that you have such images of all sides of the product. Following such conversion hacks will ensure better sales.

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‘Buy Now’ Button to be Clearly Visible

Online buyers do not like mysteries. Buying should be easy and simple. Hence the next thing to be done to optimize product pages to increase sales is to have a visible ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ button, preferably by the side of the product image. This would ensure that customers can easily place an order for the products that he/she likes. Further, the price variations according to weight or other aspects should be seen, so that the buyer has a clear idea of the cost before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. Use contrast colors for the ‘buy now’ tabs to make them clearly visible. Conversion hacks such as these are to be in place for better conversion rates.

Highlight Product Variants Clearly

Another important one among the numerous conversion hacks is highlighting the product variants clearly. To optimize product pages to increase sales, all the product variants in terms of size, colour or weight should be clearly visible. Make sure you have photographs for all variants and it is easy for the buyer to sort through these. The variants should be named clearly so that the buyer can understand and distinguish between them. The prices of these variants should also be clearly displayed, so that the buyer knows the exact price of each variant while he/she is browsing through them.

Have Enough Product Description

Clear product description is necessary to optimize product pages to increase sales. All the product characteristics such as weight, colour, size and any other properties should be clearly highlighted in the product description section. Make sure these descriptions are clearly named or categorized so that the buyers can easily choose the right product. The product descriptions should also be as humane as possible. Formal tone may not be necessary for all products. Descriptions about how your product can be used or how it can improve the lifestyle of the buyer can often help improve product sales.

Have Optimized Product Pages

Conversion hacks to optimize product pages to increase sales should also consider optimizing the product pages to ensure that they are mobile friendly. Most of the online buyers now use their mobile to browse through the products and also buy them. So, ensure that the website is optimized for both desktops as well as mobiles. Product images and descriptions should adapt according to the screen size for better user experience and quicker conversions.

Include Customer Reviews & Ratings

The next aspect to be considered to optimize product pages to increase sales is to include an option for customer reviews. The majority of the buyers look for feedback for every product that they intend to buy. Hence, having this option on your product pages is one of the important conversion hacks. It also improves the association with the buyer as they can rate and review the products they have bought.

Promote Other Related Products

Another simpler conversion hack is to upsell other related products on the display page of a particular product. For example, on the page where a pen is being sold, products such as pen holder, pen stand or wristwatches can also be displayed below to increase the likelihood of sales of these products too. Products displayed under captions such ‘recommended products’, ‘others also bought’ can catch the eye of the buyers and they may consider buying them alongside.

Working on these aspects can help optimize product pages to increase sales. These features may need to be developed separately while using DIY platforms such as Magento and may involve additional costs. However, eCommerce platforms such as that by Shopnix offers these as in-built features. So no need to break your head for conversion hacks. All you need to do is fill in the details in the form/slots provided and you are good to go!

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