Top 10 Critical Features your E-commerce Website Must Have

Top 10 Critical Features your E-commerce Website Must Have

Top 10 Critical Features your E-commerce Website Must Have

Ecommerce today has become very popular. It is a convenience and for both the customers for their easy shopping experience and the entrepreneur for the low input cost and easier handling. However, before starting with your own website, you need to make sure your site has these important features.


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  • An Attractive Template

A clean and organized store is appealing to everyone. It helps the casual consumer to turn into a serious buyer. You can make use of the existing template options provided by your ecommerce website provider. The images, text and colour theme must be pleasing to the eye and should not clash with each other.

  • Secure Payment Facility

Perhaps the most important of all the features, it is what will encourage your customers to do business with you or vice versa. You must incorporate a secure gateway for all transactions to make your customers feel more secure about their personal and bank details.

  • CRM Software

For an effective management of sales information, technical support and prospects integration of this system is a must for you. It will make your sales process efficient and will lead to a better customer relationship besides enabling you the valuable customer information.

  • An Active Blog

A blog has a conversational tone which allows people to connect with it naturally as opposed to other technical information. For an effective marketing of your site thus, you need to have a good blog that caters fresh, interesting and relevant content on regular basis.

  • Shipping Software

When you integrate this software in your website, it relieves you from the hassle of manually taking down the bill number and then calling up the courier service for the delivery. Apart from this it will also weigh the shipment, calculate fright cost, apply the required surcharges and collects and stores all the related data.

  • SEO Tools

Any ecommerce site needs to be search engine optimized to do well in terms of sales. For this purpose you need to have some SEO tools integrated in your site.

  • O-Page SEO Tools
  • Keyword Researc
  • Content Generation
  • Page Ranking Tools
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Blog Management
  • Open Link Data Sources
  • Link Building Tools
  • Cash On Delivery

It is a very convenient option that even the most ‘online transaction’ distrusting customer also opts for. Thus, to increase your range and give more viable options of payment to the customers, you need to have this feature.

  • Discount Engines

Giving attractive discounts to your customers is the most effective way to win them over and increase your sales. And this feature will take care of that automatically. It will give discounts in percentage or in price once you have set it.

  • Store Locator

It is an important feature if you have a physical store too. Some customers prefer to shop from a physical shop. In that case they will be able to locate your store through this. Plus it also stands by as a verification of your online store to be valid and genuine.

  • FAQs

It is indeed important since when you have an ecommerce site, people who come there for purchasing will have lots of questions for you right from the transaction process to after sale services etc. Thus, you must have a ready platform for them to answer all their queries since you cannot personally reply to each and every question asked.


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