eCommerce – It’s a business opportunity for everyone

Over the past 1.5 months that we opened up the Shopnix eCommerce website builder we’ve got hundreds of inquiries from entrepreneurs of all varieties.

Budding entrepreneurs – for whom entrepreneurship is a first time adventure – an escape from the daily grind of monotonous & repetitive jobs – who are filled with the secret desire of owning a company, hiring like-minded people and being their own bosses.

Established entrepreneurs – who have already tasted success, are well grounded in the fundamentals of running a business – for whom eCommerce is an expansion strategy to take their businesses to the next orbit.

Social entrepreneurs – who believe their destiny is about changing society and playing an active role towards it – who want to exploit the dynamics of a rapidly changing society to bring about positive change – who dream larger than life.

Women entrepreneurs – who with their persistent fighting spirit, new-age thinking and unbeatable courage have carved a respectable place for themselves in the extremely competitive and sometimes chauvinistic business circles.

Global entrepreneurs – those globe trotters, who believe that the “world” is not just flat but also a seething cauldron of new business opportunities – who want to export, import and create global platforms for commerce.

Traditional entrepreneurs – such as our friendly neighborhood Banias – who have been the cornerstone of Indian growth story whether during the gupta-raj, mughal-raj, british-raj or now the corruption-raj – who can educate you better about the nuances of running a business in India much better than any MBA institute.

To be frank – we were gently surprised at how much entrepreneurial ambition is waiting to be unleashed. The excitement is palpable. We are immensely excited to work with these entrepreneurial communities.

Firstly for some introductions – Shopnix is an eCommerce platform. This technology platform is an enabler for your eCommerce business. With Shopnix you can own an ecommerce store, run it successfully and scale it rapidly.

As we see it – there are 4 essential pillars that an eCommerce business runs on – technology, supply chain, marketing and delivery. All 4 are equally important and equally critical to an eCommerce business. Shopnix makes the technology part of the equation extremely simple and easy.

Obviously there is a lot we want to talk about eCommerce and Shopnix. We will regularly publish posts on this blog to share what we already know and what we will learn on our journey of building successful eCommerce ventures.

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Shopnix Team