E-commerce Marketing in India Using Pinterest

Online marketing and online business is dependent on marketing and marketing depends on the techniques you prefer to use on social networking sites like Facebook, Google + and Pinterest. A huge portion of business you will do online will be derived from these social networking giants.

Pinterest happens to be the latest addition to these online marketing giants. It has a very unique approach to the market. Most of the upcoming online sites are targeting them for more conversion rates.

We bring to you detailed tips for smart marketing via Pinterest: –


Pinterest runs on photos: Thousands of people from different corners of the world are pinning millions of photos everyday on Pinterest. You as an entrepreneur can use this fact as a marketing tool

Get into the photography zone of your products and click good photos of them. You need not to have DSLR you can use your Smartphone for clicking High Quality Photos.

92% of the people who pins photos on Pinterest are known to be females. People are always looking for beautiful picture and this is a huge turn on for your business. Go ahead take the requisite steps and make a brand out of your products. Though being an Indian page on Pinterest is going to be difficult initially because of less veteran followers on the site but with time the out reach of Indian Internet users are growing and soon they will catch up with the world mean while you can work hard and make sure that when they catch up they will have enough veteran pages to choose from.

Target a Specific Set of Audience

Now you know how Pinterest works, it’s time to use the same for your benefit, most of the times people are looking for exquisite pictures of Food, Places, Drinks and People. You can target all these criterions and make a huge set of loyal audience which later can be re-directed to your site and hence you will end up increasing your business. India is known to have poor outreach on Pinterest but there are some innocuous pages from India that are doing really well.

Indian Pages like Indian Express and The Big Fat Indian Wedding are making some incomparable strides on Pinterest.

Go to Google, search for the latest trends of Pinterest and start working for the same. It is your time and resource uses them wisely and creates a beautiful business out of beautiful pictures.

Follow the Pinning Pattern

If you are making use of a social networking for targeting your audience then you need to read and understand the algorithmic pattern those social networks follow. You will need to understand their working pattern and you will need to figure the instances when they have a higher traffic.

It is known that Pinterest has a huge traffic between 10 am to 4 pm. Experts suggest this time as the best time to publish niche based photos. You can also figure out the relation between the photos posted and their timings. Your personal research is going to be the best thing you will ever do for making your business boom. Follow these sites and find the pattern and use it for making your business boom.


Be Active During Seasons

These sites are known to have seasons when millions of users are online looking for unique photos of different things. You need to grab these opportunities and make the most of it. You can work a bit harder on during these seasons and see your business rise like never before.

Create Unique and Pinnable Content

These techniques and algorithms are going to favor you only when you have a creative team at your side. You need to have a team that can produce best of content in less time. Quality content is the key to successful online business. If you provide them with quality content then they will keep coming back to your site for more and more. Some of Indian pages have enamored a loyal set of visitors by serving them with regular and unique content. Pages of South Indian Bride, Indian Cuisines and Indian marriages are making deep waves in the sea of success on Pinterest.

It is all dependent upon you, how you curate content and how you plan to market them.

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