eBay thinks Google adwords is a waste of money and resources

eBay has claimed in a recent research report that businesses are wasting their money and precious time on Google adwords.

We ourselves dont agree with this report since we’ve seen adwords bring in quite a lot of potential buyers to eCommerce stores. While getting repeat business through adwords might be questionable, it still remains the one quick source of building up large traffic to eCommerce websites within small budgets.

Its still good to have a perspective, so read on what eBay has to say…

Businesses may be wasting billions of pounds a year buying up keyword advertising on search engines such as Google, a new report has claimed. The study by auction website eBay claimed that most of the money spent buying up search terms was a waste of time and had little  effect on sales.

The 25-page report – given the not entirely search-friendly title of Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large Scale Field Experiment – found that most customers would have clicked through to a particular site without being prompted by an ad for the company.

Shopnix Team