Here Is a Quick Way To Create Comprehensive Ecommerce Return Policy

Here Is a Quick Way To Create Comprehensive Ecommerce Return Policy


We all are online shoppers!! Aren’t we?? But with so many retailers and dealers connected to these Ecommerce websites, sometimes product quality is compromised. And sometimes our parents and others who still believe online shopping is not authentic or not so safe, need some assurance that they are not throwing away their money.

Thus websites need to have something on their part to create assurances and thus to build trust, for these they have Return Policies.

E-commerce Return Policy

Any merchandise bought online i.e any e-commerce product bought by customers, if is defective or not up to the mark or even unwanted then customers might return those products following certain guidelines. These guidelines or rules are Ecommerce Return Policy.

E-commerce return policy is just extended customer service, thus these are liberal laws and tend to change with different websites.

And these policies are important part of Customer’s trust, specially in e-commerce. 86 percent of online shoppers chose return policy as very significant in choosing any online merchant ( Survey By )


Guidelines For Creating Comprehensive Ecommerce Return Policy

Approximate Statistics says 60 % of customers who found return policy effective, done in last year, 95% of them would surely shop again. Thus any policy of e-commerce website must contain guidelines for return or exchange. Because Effective Return Policy is not just mere a formality but has upgraded to Customer Seeking Policy.
Any Comprehensive E-commerce Policy binds trust of customers, portrays merchant as dedicated to customer services. Thus, will be helpful in satisfying customers, minimize returns and thus save money and time. Few simple steps to build quick comprehensive policy:

1. Transparent Policy

The more you Display your policies the better. Never Hide your return policies. Customers should       not be searching around the website, this might create suspicion. The best way to do is to let your customers know your return policy through confirmation emails on purchases.

2. Avoid Scary Phrases

You must” or “You are Required to” might scare customers. Simple language is essential which do not offload any issue on them. Basically return policy working should be simple enough.
Most importantly never, i mean never ever use “We are NOT Responsible for“.


3.Avoid Hidden Cost

Try not to keep any hidden cost. Return Policy should be free of cost for customers and if it does cost something then let it be visible in bold letters.

4. In Cash or Credit

Customers should know whether you work in cash or in credit i.e return policy will give you full refund or just a part of it or just exchange. If refund is possible then money is returned in hand or in website’s wallet.

5. Simple Language

Simple English should be used. Easy to understand. No difficult terms or words which may require use of dictionary. In simple words, Phd. Scholar or a 2 year old, everyone understands.

6. Well Aware Staff

Keep your Staff well educated about your return policy. Thus they can assist your customers easily. Everyone Do not trust return Policies, they need to hear it from you.


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