Free eCommerce Store – Recipe for a near to zero investment online business

Free eCommerce Store – Recipe for a near to zero investment online business

Start a free ecommerce store
Its better if you start right the first time.

We live in a digital globe, and in the digital world, every person wants to feel independent and thrives to be their own boss. Free is not an option, when was the last time you got something for free.Free eCommerce store is not a viable option when your objective is to create a strong online enterprise. If you are planning to build a strong online business, better invest in the right platform. Free comes with lot of compromises, in the virtual world you can’t compromise quality.

In every person lies an entrepreneur, an avatar with some innovative idea to synergize and built something of clarity. A virtual store gives him the freedom and flexibility to anchor something of novelty, and enable him to work with something they truly enjoy.


Now a day’s it is very flexible to get into eComm and start your online business. Predominantly if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in setting up an offline shop. You can start your virtual store with near to zero investment. When starting a business, the initial market research is one of the most crucial steps. Dabble into every nook and corner available, make sure that you got a decent understanding of how the industry works. The search never ends. The initial research is followed with few other steps;

  • Finding the right platform provider. Most platform providers give a free trial of 15 days. Which sounds great, you can have a free online store for fifteen days. In the trial period you can fiddle around and get familiarised with the platform.  
  • The second step is to choose a domain name. The domain name should be relevant to your business.
  • The third step is to choose a web hosting company to host your website (With Shopnix you get free hosting, and a lot more add on features).
  • As soon as the website is geared up, start adding some products, and writing search engine optimized product descriptions. If your virtual store falls among the least competitive niches segment, then all you need is a crawler friendly website.  
  • Adding a blog section to your virtual store. A blog that address the unique challenges of your target customers can increase your chances of ranking well in major search engine.
  • Add high-quality product images.
  • Unique selling proposition.
  • After all, its time to market your new business which. To name few strategies, you can start with PPC, content marketing, video sharing etc.

Few other key points to keep in mind

Your e-commerce business needs a solid business plan and a hell lot of work and dedication to commercialise it. Free is kind of granted, Now what do you think about a free eCommerce store option. Free is just a catchy word to bring your attention.  

Finding products

Make a list of potential products you might like to sell in your store. You can verify whether your product ideas are good by searching on Google trends. Identify a profitable niche. It’s better to start with a small product line. Invest small, learn how the niche segment works, then scale up to meet the demands. Most so called free eCommerce store providers will not provide enough room to scale and proliferate. Wow, Down the line that’s kind of an great challenge. Then once you plan to migrate to another platform, you will definitely face multitude of problems.

Finding Right Channel

The secret of online marketing is to find right channel for your products and then to perfect your marketing strategy, make sure that you price your products well. That being said, ecommerce promotion is really important to stand out from your competitors and to generate sales.

Find the right software for your business.

We millanies always look for an exciting customer experience. Most people want a custom software to engage with the platform they love.  Everyone loves to have their on softwares.

The software enables an entrepreneur to keep track of ongoing process, real time monitoring, and so on. Also, not to forget we lodge in an era which is slowing moving towards m-commerce. With Shopnix, you may not get a free eCommerce store but sure that you get a free mobile app with our pro and premium plan.

A great ecommerce business plan over looks a holistic approach which does require some investment. Detail your marketing strategies, create a plan of action, set objectives and work like anything to make your business a successful one.

Few Zero Investment business Ideas

zero investment business ideas

Here are some additional tips for your ecommerce business plan, Ohh.. its for Free

Be proactive, always make sure that you will revisit and validate your online marketing strategies, and will map it to the end objective. Here are some additional ecommerce business tips that you may consider,

  • Customer service/self-help content
  • Conversion optimization
  • Store optimization
  • Inventory management

So if your dream is to create an ecomm business, make sure that you will start smart. Create an online store, list your products, and start selling online. Ultimately, you can grow up your zero investment online business to a level of achievement. It depends exclusively on how motivated you are, and what you want out of it.

Zero investment eCommerce Store


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