How a Pop-Up Store Can Increase Online Business

How a Pop-Up Store Can Increase Online Business

Ever heard of a Pop-Up store? Yes, as the name suggests it refers to stores which pop up at some random place,531804_471732129535648_841546932_n run for a day (or a few weeks) and then move to a new location. Seasonal shops such as those selling rakhees around crowded places can be a simplest example of a Pop-Up store. Another common example is the flea markets being organised during the weekends.

Several known brands have been trying this concept to increase their sales as well as understand consumer behaviors and attitudes towards their products. Now how can a Pop-Up store increase your online business? In numerous ways!

What online store lacks the most is the physical appearance. Although you may have the trendiest looking store online, people can still not be able to actually feel your products upfront. They have to wait until the product they ordered arrives home. Pop-Up store can help fill this gap by providing the buyers an opportunity to see, touch and feel your products for real.

Gaining confidence of buyers can be a major issue for first timers who are trying to compete among well advertised brands in the eCommerce field. Setting up a Pop-Up store instills confidence about your store among buyers, as they can see the products for real and also interact with you personally. This is the second advantage of having a Pop-Up store.

Next benefit is customer engagement. Often, online buyers do not complete their buying because of uncertainties about the products. Pop-Up stores help buyers clear their doubts about a product instantly. This not only leads to a buy at the sale, but also ensures future orders from your online store. With an opportunity to interact directly with the buyers, you can also get a better understanding of their needs and preferences.main-qimg-3914d6aedba41178f8619a295d0dbd7a

Brand promotion is the most important advantage of a Pop-Up store. While online media, newspapers, radio and television do serve an important part in marketing your brand/product, Pop-Up store can be a cheaper alternative for promoting your
brands in different regions of a city/state/country. What more? You can also make profit by selling your products at such venues! Ads are considered to be a one-way medium whereas through Pop-Up store, you can set-up the stage for a two-way conversation with the customer.

Further, you not only get to meet buyers of varying backgrounds at such events, but also get to interact with other sellers. A lot of networking happens during such events where sellers 546840_454700411238820_2058955858_n can connect with suppliers/manufacturers.
You can also understand the nuances of selling and marketing during such interactions; which is especially useful if you are a novice in this field. Although there may often be a competitor, you still get to understand their marketing techniques.

Last but not the least; Pop-Up stores are a lot of fun, especially if you have decided to set it up in a flea market event. You get to meet new people, try the products being offered at other stores, play games or participate in activities being held during such events. Who doesn’t like to break away from monotony?DSCN6729

All in all, setting up a Pop-Up store at various places on a periodic basis can help build your brand image and also strengthen your customer base. Choose flea markets with a good footfall (number of people entering a shop or shopping are
a in a given time) to increase the chances of sales as well as customer interaction. Set up such stores in different areas of a city so that you can reach a wider range of buyers.


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