How Blog Articles Could Help My Ecommerce Business

How Blog Articles Could Help My Ecommerce Business

An eCommerce store is not completely setup until you have worked towards getting people to know about it! Yes! Online stores or eCommerce businesses thrive mainly on online publicity. Simply put, those who are online are the ones who are most likely to shop online. And how do you get the online public to visit your store? By creating avenues for them to access your online store. There are multiple ways to advertise and publicise your eCommerce business to the potential buyers. One of them is writing blog articles. It is also one of the free methods of online marketing (if you are writing the blogs yourselves). Let’s know a few aspects about how blog articles could help eCommerce business and how to write blog articles.

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Some Basics

Before you understand how to write blog articles for an ecommerce business and how blog articles could help, it’s imperative to know some basics about blogs. A blog is nothing but a page on the internet where you share your views. It can be a paid blog, where you set up the blog page by buying a domain name and setting up a website, or can be a free blog, where you become a subscriber of a blog service (such as eblogger). Many use blog articles to make money online! Yes there are several ad companies which pay you for clicks. If your’s is an active blog which is visited by hundreds of visitors everyday, you can make money blogging too!

How Can Blogs help eCommerce Business?

Blogs can work for you in two ways – one, by directing buyers to your eCommerce stores and the other, to help your buyers know more (such as instructions to use, recipes, etc) about the products being sold on your eCommerce stores. Blogs primarily help in increasing the awareness about your store and the products/services being sold (or offered) over there.

In majority of the cases, the product listing on the eCommerce store product page offers limited information (such as manufacturing details, expiry, features) to the buyers. Often, the buyers would want to know more about the product (such as pros and cons, best way to use, recipes – in case the product is food related). In such cases, blogs help to fulfil this gap.

In other cases, a catchy article about a product or a service can get a person interested in buying the product being featured in it. Often, recipe pages are used to feature (or point the reader) food products being sold online. Articles about health and fitness can be used to promote health supplements, sportswear, sports equipments or other related products. Likewise, articles related to fashion can help promote fashion accessories.

While you learn how to write blog articles, you also need to understand how page rankings work in search engines like Google. A website/store which is being referred to (usually by a web link) by several other websites/blogs is given a higher ranking. So, if you have several blogs which provide a link to your eCommerce website (or even a particular product page), your webiste ranking increases.

How to Write Blog Articles?

Writing blogs can be simple but also cumbersome. Although writing is considered an art, it can be perfected with practice. Once you understand the basics of writing, it is quite easy to start writing a blog for promoting your eCommerce business. One of the key aspects of writing is knowing about the language in which you intend to publish your blog. While it is always easy to write in local dialect, it is preferable to write in English if you intend to reach a wider audience. Hence, knowing the basics of English (especially, written English) is the first important step in knowing how to write blog articles. Spending some time learning about English grammar will help you write blogs easily.

Know your Audience

So, the first step to know how to write blog articles, is to understand more about the target audience. It is not only useful to choose the language technicalities, but also to plan your blog content. For example, if your target audience is children, then your writing style should be simple enough for them to understand easily. And, if your eCommerce business is targetted at beauticians, then all your articles should revolve around beauty and its related aspects.

Plan your Articles

The next step in understanding how to write blog articles, is to plan your articles before you start writing. You need to decide whether the article would be about a product being sold or about something that can be done using the product. For example, if you are selling a juicer, then you need to plan whether the article that you write will explain all the features of the product, or it will help the reader understand how it can be used to make juices, smoothies, etc. Once you are clear about the plan, then it becomes easier to write blog articles. Also, you need to form a basic outline about the aspects that you will be covering in the blog article.

Keep it Simple and Catchy

By now you would have got a broad idea about how to write blog articles. Let’s know some more basics of writing blog articles. Blogs are basically short articles (ideally, not more than 1500 words) that are interesting to read, to the point and help a reader easily understand the message being conveyed. Hence, the articles that you write should be simple, exact and clearly convey the message. Adding relevant images are also helpful. If you are writing about the usage of a product then write specifically about it. It is also useful to have sub sections (as in this article) with relevant headings and sub-headings for the reader to quickly go through the contents.

Hence, having a blog can not only help you increase your business by creating product awareness among the internet users and increasing the website ranking, but also can help the buyers know more about the product being sold. Therefore, it is important to know how to write blog articles to address these aspects.

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