How Dropshipping Works in India – List of Dropshippers

How Dropshipping Works in India – List of Dropshippers


dropshipping in india
Dropshipping in India

Dropshipping! What is it ?

Let me divert your attention to an interesting topic that needs to be explored – Dropshipping in India . Most digital entrepreneurs have a vague idea of what this business model has to offer. In this business model the only requirement a virtual entrepreneur needs is a robust website (listing products on market places like Amazon also works). Yes you heard me loud and clear. I promise you are not in a state of hysteria.

Consider that you want to enter into this business model then the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to own a single product. Like I said before, all you need is a website, and some great skills in marketing online. When planning to do dropshipping in India you need to understand the niche market that you are planning to penetrate.

Selecting the right product and targeting the right niche segment plays a profound role.


Not all products are profitable.

How Dropshipping in India will help You?

My first statement will be, Why to let go an opportunity where you can make some additional income.

You can start a drop-shipping business from home. Isn’t that Cool.

Reach out to manufactures and wholesalers let them know that you are interested to list their products on your online store. Oops. Forgot, you don’t have an online store.

⏩ Don’t worry. We have the right solution for you. CREATE AN ECOMMERCE STORE

So, now you have an online store where you can list all the products that you want yo sell through your virtual store.

It will be pretty hard for you to reach out to an established firm and get their products listed on your platform. Most established manufacturers will have a set of dedicated wholesalers. Adding an additional channel which most likely place orders in minuscule quantities (when compared to other channels) may sound a bit resistive.

Not to burden yourself. You can reach out to a lot of other small scale industries and startup companies that are ready to any opportunity that gives them a sale.

Consider this. An offline store will be happy to place a bulk order from a well know brand. For eg; A brick and mortar business model will be happy to place a bulk order on Dell laptops. The brand is well know to people and the store owner is pretty sure that the brand value will drive sales and the inventory will keep moving.

On the contrary, a business owner will be a bit reserved to place a bulk order for an product manufactured by a startup company. If he places an order of 10 pieces that means he needs to display those pieces in the store and manage the inventory. The chance for a sale seems to be pretty low. So, If you could reach out to this startup company and say, hey allow me to feature your products on my platform. I startup entrepreneur will e happy to do a drop-shipping for you.


Traditional Business Model and Dropshipping in India

Dropshipping is a business model that is used to deliver goods purchased in a online store, didn’t get it Simple, If you want to know about drop-shipping let me explain traditional business model in India, Generally a product manufactured by a manufacturer will be sold to distributors and later pass on to wholesalers and later retailers before reaching end customers each of them charging required profit margin on others. While in dropshipping you (online retailer) need not to keep goods in stock but instead transfers customers orders and shipment details to either manufacturer/wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customers.

Online Business Models is Gaining Momentum in the Inidan Market

In the internet era that promises ubiquitous connectivity we expect our needs to be delivered at our door steps. If you differ from what I believe then the below stats may be able to convince you.

Stats published on Indian Brand Equity Foundation, clearly shows increasing demand in online eCommerce business. By 2020 the eCommerce market in India is expected to reach US$ 64 billion and by 2034 the eCommerce market is expected to out grow the Us market and become the second largest eCommerce industry in the world.

How many of us have placed a order form amazon. Let me rephrase it, How many of us scavenge the online market place “Amazon” in search of a unique deal. How often do does our impulse drive us to buy form these platforms. Online business an digital marketing has revolution ed the way how retail business used to operate.


Ok I got it, but is dropshipping profitable?

Definitely, first of all there will be no middle men, if you have a buyer find the seller and get the goods delivered that’s it, you will have the margin between wholesale and retail price. You don’t need to pre purchase any product and maintain warehouse for storing them thus you can offer a wide range of product selection reducing the risk to a large extent.

This time period has witnessed quite a lot of technological abrupt’s. Technology has made everything simper. A customer centric structure is designed to give the end user a personalised experience.

People are looking for instant gratification. No-body want’s to wait to days to get a product delivered at their house. People love to enter into commercial transaction with entities that are ready to meet their demands. Dropshipping is profitable when you do it he right way.

You make profit when you keep the customer happy.

If the customer is not happy then you are in trouble. Take the customer acquisition cost as an example, this metrics alone gives you the numbers required to justify the statement. Traditional marketing campaigns used to operate with in a set envelop. Those days it was quite easy to make loyal customers. Thinks have dramatically changed now the competition is so fierce that people don’t even remember a brand they have seen 5-10 times.

Channels like social media has changed how a brand is perceived an dhow its been positioned among target customers.

You could make dropshipping a profitable business if you can streamline the whole process from order to customer feedback. 

Instead of a profit centric strategy, stress more on a customer centric strategy. When comes to drop-shipping the biggest challenge that stops you from driving profit to your business model is that you are not an independent business entity. You rely on a wholesales or a logistics partner to procure the product form the warehouse (which you have no idea where it is) and to deliver to a person.

Dropshipping in IndiaIf the wholesaler or the logistics partner is not committed to deliver products to the end user then it could create a state of convolution among the customers.

For eg; The customer place an order today, the product is supposed to be delivered with in ten days. Even after 15 days the customer didn’t get the product delivered then it clearly shows that the business entity is not interested to meet the customers expectation.

Somebody needs to take the ownership and make sure that the product is dispatched on time, delivered with no damage, and to collect a followup. Profit comes when you add value to the customer and prioritise the customers needs and wants. Care for the customer, they will help generate profit for your drop-shipping business.

Even though dropshipping is profitable business model with low risk there are some cons in it too, one of them is backordering which means if the product is sold out buyers have to wait long shipment duration until new products are manufactured and delivered. So, its very important that you have to select the right drop shipper.

You have to search extensively in online, google is the best search engine to do so already established sites like “IndiaMART” may guide you through. Online stores in India will have their seller details displayed try to contact them, don’t judge the seller by their website there may be scams involved in them choose wisely, talk to industry professionals. Attend trade shows in your city where you can find lot of manufacturers and wholesalers.

Seal the Deal

Closing the deal with right ones is as important as finding the right dropshippers. Before closing the deal with the dropshipper in India here are some precautions you have to take.

The location of dropshipper is beneficial if it is centrally located within India and reach most of the country within 2 to 3 business days, check the previous record of the company since how many years it has been in the business, is it legally established and follows all relevant laws in India any legal litigations involved. Generally many dropshippers doesn’t charge any amount upfront they should provide you with dedicated support representatives and make sure they are expert staff with complete knowledge of industry. The business should efficiently organised to maintain error free environment.


Listen, Dropshipping a WIN-WIN situation

With booming online retail business scenario in India dropshipping is the most beneficial and proven online business model to both the parties. Hence you should maintain good relationship with dropshipper. Make sure there are no communication gaps. Your online store should boost sales of the seller so focus generating sale. Have access to exclusive pricing and distribution make sure you sell at lowest price. The exact example to this scenario is Xiaomi’s “mi3” sale in Flipkart and “Moto G” and “Moto E” in snapdeal they have created sensation in e-commerce industry thus creating a trend of exclusive sale through online in India, they have huge benefits like no advertisement costs and middlemen charges, make use of these advantages. The main lesson of drop shipping in e-commerce training is showing the buyers to wholesalers that’s it take away all the margins in between.

List of Dropshippers in India

Here’s a list of some dropshippers in India

  • LeeHPL Ventures pvt ltd (
  • Fedelty Health care pvt ltd (
  • S.R International (
  • ARC Worldwide pvt ltd (
  • Fourth Dimension Logistic pvt ltd (
  • Mars Shipping Agency (
  • Euphoria Health Care pvt ltd (
  • World Wide Brands (

There a lot of other strategies to find a list of dropshippers in India

  • Start with your favourite serach engine “Google”
  • Search on online market places
  • Directories

For more dropshippers, you can visit indiamart website which is the large B2B marketplace in India. If you liked the article, leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Winning Strategy for a Drop-Shipping Business

Every business in unique in its nature. So does drop-shipping. Drop-shipping in India comes with a lot of opportunities for the young and prestigious generation. With the increase in online dwellers there is a gruelling demand for eCommerce stores that sell exquisite products at a reasonable price. I hope you are familiar that there is a category of virtual shoppers who scavenge through multiple online platforms to find the right products. There exists another category who keeps a keen attention, skulking the mysterious wen just to find the best possible deal.

Let me give you few tips that will help you make your offering more enticing to these prospects.

Tag a Reason to Every Offer and Discount you Run

Whenever you are planning to run an offer make sure that you will tag a reason to it. With increasing online competition its important that you differentiate yourself. The virtual world is getting crowded with multiple online players that are creative enough to introduce targeted marketing strategies. Most marketplaces are readily active and have already dominated the digital space. Most of these business models are well funded and have a strong digital identity. When I say digital identity I mean the brand value and the loyal followers they have. A small tweet about an offer/ seasonal sale is more than enough to drive huge traffic to their virtual stores.

Offers and discounts are no more a strategic advantage unless you know how to wisely implement it. Think about it this way, You set up an online Shopnix Offerstore and started promoting it. Your paid campaigns were compelling enough that people started to visit your virtual store. Upon visiting the store people started to notice that you are running an offer. Great! they noticed the offer. The problem comes when they figure out that the offer doesn’t have an end date or it’s not a seasonal offer. If you fail to address the urgency, then you are giving the visitor an opportunity to think. Whether I should buy it now or can come back and place the order later. The offer doesn’t force the customer to take an action.

 Select The Right Product To Drop Ship

The digital world has slowly transformed into a complex marketplace. The best example will be, How may promotional emails hit your inbox on a daily basis. A regular email, automate to hit your customer’s inbox is just a feeble yet dreadful effort. I admit that we are fallible, but not understanding what are the key drivers which could possibly help influence the customer is not an option.

Starter Plan Build eCommerce websiteLet me ask you a question. Why do you decide to start a dropshipping business in India? What opportunity compelled you to start this voyage. YES, you recognised a product that has the potential to earn some money. A product that is unique and that you believe people will love to purchase it online.

How unique is your product, matters? Why should someone buy from you when he or she can buy the same product from a marketplace like Amazon or from the local shop. After all, unless you gain certain brand visibility you are an unknown business entity to the world. Why should someone buy from an unknown entity? What your dropshipping business offers should be able to break this barrier. A creative business model that offers unique products is the best catch.

Instead of a regular coffee cup. List a few cups that have unique designs or shapes. Don’t you think if you offer a cup with a customised handle will pique the customer’s interest? To the least, he/ she may book mar the page or move it to the cart.

Don’t try to drop ship every product you need to understand what products will help you gain higher margin or what products are having a higher chance to get sold faster.

How you List your Products Matters

Most eCommerce entrepreneurs fail to fathom the idea that owning an online store is just the first step. How you set it up and manage your store plays a profound role in influencing the customer. It can be as simple as how you scribble the product description or how you display your products in the product page.

Instead of listing 5 different images you can combine the 5 images and create a GIF. So that upon landing on the product page the customers get an opportunity to see all images without clicking on individual images. If you have multiple variants then make sure that you do the needful to display all variants. Rather than displaying a regular product image with white background try to give a context to it. For example, if it falls into the apparel category then why not hire a local model to snap a few shots with the products and then display it. It gives your visitor an opportunity to visualise how the product looks in the real world. You can also try to pin a video to the product page.

Promote your Virtual Store

Never ignore the importance of a strong digital marketing strategy. Advertising has and has been one of the top traits that aid a business to grow and flourish. If people don’t know about what products you offer, then how do you expect them to buy from you. You can’t be that delusional and expect people to just realise your presence and walk in. You need to rigorously work hard in order to promote your dropshipping business. The more you promote your digital venture, higher the chance for your business to be noticed by people. Once people are felt by your brand presence then the big bucks will start to roll in.

There are a lot of online strategies that you can implement to promote your dropshipping business in India. Few online marketing strategies are listed below;

  • Search Engine Optiization (Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website)
  • Google Ads (Drive Instant Traffic to Your Website)
  • Social Media Marketing (Increase the Brand Visibility)
  • Influencer Marketing (Root The Domain Authority of Your Dropshipping Business)
  • Push Marketing (Interact, Engage, Nurture and Convert your Leads)

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