How to become an eCommerce reseller in India

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As we know Shopnix is an e-commerce platform which mostly deals in the B2B scenario, here we understand the pain of getting a new customer rather retaining an existing one. So for our existing satisfied customer, we made a referral program so that they can act as a channel partner between a new customer and our company with enjoying some financial benefit in between.


This program majorly attracts the existing customers or the people who know about Shopnix as well as benefits, attributes and advantages of it in this competitive market. Here are the benefits our proud partners will get from this program-

  • When a partner refers a new customer, 25% of the total billing amount for each referral will be credited to the partner’s account.
  • Not only for the single time, each and every time the referral bills to Shopnix the partner will get its 25% commission on each transaction for the life time.
  • Even then the client is directly dealing with Shopnix; we will supply the partner their full share of shares without hesitating.

Payment scheme
In the payment section of the partner program we offer a very simple and easy way for the transfer of funds. The fund transfer may happen in two ways. Either the new customer will pay to the Shopnix partner or else he/she can transfer the fund directly to Shopnix account.
If the customer is paying to the partner, then the partner can keep its 25% share and remaining 75% of the plan cost has to deposit in the Shopnix corporate account. If the customer is paying directly to Shopnix, we will deposit the partner’s share of 25% in their account by the end of that month.
How to enrol to the partner program?
By filling up the form in the following link you will be signing up automatically for the partner program. Soon after that, you will be eligible for signing up your first customer.
Link –

The main reason for this kind of referral program is to build and maintain the trust between the new clients and our company. Because in this crowded market it is very difficult to guess where to invest and whom to trust. By this partner program, probable customer will see our work and hear positive feedback from a third party (our existing partner) which will influence them to build their own e-commerce store. This program situate everybody in a win win situation, both the new client for trust building and partner (by getting their commission), as well as our company by receiving a new thread in the business.


The author, Debashis Ranjan  is an active member of Shopnix team. He is assisting companies and entrepreneurs to use the vast opportunities available in the internet media for the success in their business.

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