How To Design A Logo That Brings Enormous Brand Value To Your Online Store ?


” One of thee deep mysteries to me is our logo the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn’t dream of a more appropriate logo’: lust, knowledge and anarchy”  – Jean -louis Gassee (former head of macintosh development,Apple)

           These were the words of a prominent employee praising about Apple’s logo design . It’s true just a simple logo can create ripples around global market, And it’s likewise for building a brand, it establishes relationships with customers, it can convey a feeling of trust. So, don’t mind even if your business is not yet started, get your business values right along with your visions, create a logo even before entering into consumer market it will motivate and carry your online store on the journey towards success

           Here are some tips that can provide some e-commerce training for designing a professional logo.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication:


           Look at the world class logos of online retailers they all have some thing in common: simplicity. So make your logo as simple as possible but should not be too simple it requires a lot of brain storming sessions with your team . Decide whether your logo should be just an image or company’s name incorporated in it, think about your customer base and make sure that your logo is appropriate to your business goals.

Images and colors, they should tell the story:


          Choose images and colors in the logo relevant to your company color scheme. Consistent use of colors and logos builds familiarity you want customers to be able to mentally link your logo or color to the company, so use images wisely make sure the logos and color schemes are perfectly used in advertisements and other materials

Should be versatile:


                Your logo should make people automatically think about your website. It should convey positive feelings of trust, never copy successful logos it will picture you as lazy and uninspired bunch of copycats, just get inspired from them. A successful logo should be simple, memorable, timeless and appropriate.

Testing the best options and finalising the best:


                         It’s better to create multiple designs in early stage depending upon several ideas you may have. Selling online in India requires complete knowledge of tastes and preference of your customer depending upon socio,economic,religious and region background. Get feedback from people of your targeted market make sure that they fit your ideal customers, so once you got feedback on your test designs make the important move of finalising the logo it should be an embedded form of your company core values, targeted customer base and flavour of desi  e-commerce store experience

Ways to get it done:


                         There are number of resources available on web or you can hire a proffessional designer who can participate in your brain storming sessions. Crowd design sites like 99cents are worth a try.

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