How To Get 500+ Social Media Shares ?

How To Get 500+ Social Media Shares ?

How You Can GET YOUR social media fans to share your content?  

Getting people on your social media account, read content and share them can be boiled down to one term Engagement. Creating engaging content is not enough for a business to drive traffic from varied social media accounts.

Engaging content with a conspicuous strategy is certainly the key to success. One needs to plan their social media marketing campaign meticulously in order to reap benefits.

How You Can Get Your Social Media Fans to Share Your Content?

Research and studies have shown that eloquent combination of images, videos, audio and text can help businesses grow by leaps and bounds. Here we are going to draw an outline and help you get your social media fans to share your content.

Solve problems using images

Every picture speaks a thousand words; go ahead and ask your graphic designer to create something unique, eye-catching and marketable.

It is important to ensure that image speaks for your company or about your product. Make your product the sub-part of the image and the problem you are trying to solve the main part of the image.


Let people relate to the problem, which will coax them to share the image.

 Be the Ice Breaker:

In the contemporary world, new rules, technological advancements and paradigms are being issued on daily basis, which makes it extremely difficult for common people to make the most of every opportunity.

Businesses can finally chip in and start creating content according to the latest advancements and be the one who breaks the ice for common people.

Be the first one to enlighten your customer, fans and loyal followers with the latest info and see how they will come back to you for more and even start sharing your content in order to make the world a much more informed place. This is one of the most widely used methods among the modern day entrepreneurs and social media experts.

Offer Something New and Creative:

Social Media has proved that new trends are the most popular thing on the web.

Enterprises can always create infographics, cartoons depicting reality of life and coax their loyal users to share it and promote. There’s a lot that can be done by using Social Media such as offering free e-books with a much-needed solution and other important learning materials.

Anything as small as a new photo filter will do as long as you are being creative and providing people with something to experiment with.

The contemporary generation is continuously looking forward to experiment new things hence businesses should this opportunity and provide them with something that stirs their experimental libido and grab shares on social media platforms.

Be Regular:

Any social media profile that is not active is bound to loser readers and followers. No matter whether it is holiday or just weekend, you will have to make sure that content is being uploaded on your social media handles. Depend upon customization and schedule options for pre-managing content curation and sharing.

Being active helps in the long run; people are constantly looking for pages that allows them to acquire quality content instead of Googling it.

There’s a lot businesses can achieve by using Social Media efficiently. A business that has developed a loyal base and gets regular share from people is bound to be successful in the long run .


Vikky Nix

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