How to Increase E-Commerce Sales Traffic Using Coupons

How to Increase E-Commerce Sales Traffic Using Coupons

Coupons are an effective way to increase your sales. They are a very potent and powerful tool to attract new customers and even bind the existing ones. All you need is a good and well planned strategy to exploit this wonderful aid to its very best and for your and your business’s benefit. Here, in this article you will be guided for utilizing those coupons for online business.



  • Reactivating the Existing Customers

The main purpose of incorporating coupons in your online shop is because you want to see your customers returning back to you again and again. You need to simply add a coupon code with a flyer on to their order, e-mail them a coupon code on special occasions say, on their birthdays or use it for upselling purposes by offering them a coupon for a laptop skin or bag if they purchased a laptop. They won’t be able to ignore such exciting freebies. And this will give them a good reason to shop with you again.

  • Upping the Order Value

You can push the sales graph high by this. Since it’s your shop, you already know which product is the best seller and what is the most common or average order value of the customers. For example, if the average value is INR 380 – INR 475, then you can use increase this value by offering a coupon of 5% on a minimum purchase of INR 500. And if you see an increase in your sale after his, you can very well raise the bar and introduce another discount coupon for an another but higher common value of order. For example if it is INR 879 then give them a coupon of 10% discount on a minimum purchase of INR 999.

  • Attract New Customers

Even if you are new to an online shop and maybe just browsing discount coupons never fail to catch your attention. You can thus attract potential buyers by giving them a chance to subscribe to your newsletters with a promise to send them a coupon code with an attractive discount. This way you will not only gain a new customer, increase your sales and get a new subscriber.

  • Find A New Niche

You can increase the range of your customers by employing your coupons on different websites. Like, you could be giving a discount on a kurti range and want to attract more buyers then allowing your coupons on websites which cater recipes can attract the women audience there. You can make use of various blogs, forums or many coupon sites to increase your sale. There are many Indian Coupon Sites that have as many as 15 million visitors a month.

  • Track your Online And Offline Campaigns

Making an attractive ad and attaching a unique coupon to go around with it will give you the estimate of how well your campaigns are working when your coupons are used.

  • Make Your Own Strategy

You need to know your needs like if you want to build your brand value, increase your lead etc., and based on that design your approach. For example, you may want to build a more personal relationship then you can give attractive freebies or discount coupons on festivals like Diwali.

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