How to increase the online sales during festive seasons ?

How to increase the online sales during festive seasons ?
How to increse the sales during the festive seasons ?
How to increse the sales during the festive seasons ?

“Sales” is the only word that keeps resonating in the mind of an entrepreneur leading an online enterprise. Entrepreneurs are called entrepreneurs because they are risk taker, they are the ones who move fast and break things. They are known for their clairvoyant vision that will shape their business and the world.

Every entrepreneur understands his or her responsibility towards society and the world but lack of fund is one thing that makes all of succumb to the pressure and end up doing nothing.

Providing the world with the best of offers during the festive season in an important part of any online business, it is this time when you can make customers that will keep returning and keep buying services and products from your site. Retaining these customers is the secondary task the primary task here is to acquire these customers.

Here we have listed seven ways to increase the online sales during festive season; all of these steps are tried and tested and are known to do wonders if implemented properly:

Event Blogging:


Enterprises from around the world have come to understand the power of blogs when it comes to acquiring good number of backlinks and great conversion rate. Event blogging is different from generic or organic blogging.

In event blogging you target a particular season for example, if Diwali is near, you will have to blog about all the things related to Diwali. Quality content and keyword rich content is going to help you in getting your blog noticed.

Now that you have been successful in explain the reader the use of a particular product, it is time to provide him with a link to go and shop from. Call of action at the end of every blog is of utmost important. You are beating the purpose of the blog if you are not providing the readers with a link to buy the product from.

 Affiliate Marketing:


 A new breed of professionals has emerged over the time, these are known as bloggers. Gone are the days when only companies used to maintain blogs and leverage the readers with the best of knowledge.

In the contemporary world, common people are writing really good blogs and earning millions out of it. You can use their outreach for increasing the sales of your online business.

Get into a revenue generation relationship with them. Make them your partner and award them with a percentage of profit every they make a sale for you.

The contemporary breed of bloggers is very talented and very meticulous; they are breaking rules faster than search engines are building them. Get into collaboration with them, let them make money out of your business and you will see how easily they will increase the popularity of your online business. In order to earn more they will promote your business more subsequently your business will witness an increase in the sales.

 Social Media Campaign:


 Go with the good old idea and offer people with scratch coupons and attractive deals. You can also offer people with loyalty points for every purchase that they make and they will come back to your site to redeem those points this way you will end up increasing your online sales.

Offering discounts or running competition on your social media pages will help you in reaching to the dearth of customers and increase your online sales.


 Focus on the right set of audience and location:


 Content marketing, social media campaigning, YouTube ad campaigning and paid marketing all of these are going to bring you a lot of visitors but all of these are not going to guarantee sales. In order to acquire sales you will have to focus on the right set of audience and you will have to target the correct location.

Targeting UK audience and US audience when your online site ships in India only are going to be wastage of time and resources.

 Let your customers do the talking:



Keeping up with your social media pages and with the customers on them is going to help you a lot. You can always ask your customers to record their experience of shopping on your site. Ask them to talk about the amazing delivery, huge discount and about other nuances and share the post on all your social media pages.


You can always sponsor the post and target the right set of audience to grab the best out of the campaign.


 Start Early:


 If you are new in the market and you want to make the most of the coming festival for your business then you will have to start early. Start at least 60 days before the festival, publish high quality content, run some good contest and offer great discounts, do almost everything a giant enterprise will do to vow the customers but do it before everyone else does.


When the festive nears, the giants will push in a lot of money in the market and will end up grabbing all the limelight; the only way to get noticed at this early is organic search engine results. High quality content published 60 days ago will keep bringing in good traffic and will help you in increasing the sales of your business.

 Make it emotional

 People from around the world are known to be emotional and they are going to do anything when flooded with emotion. You will have to hit when the iron is hot.

Take up the sensitive issues of the contemporary world, talk about the problems people face in day-to-day life and present your service or product as a balm for the issue. Let the people understand how the product is going to benefit them and then tell them about the amazing offers and discounts that you are providing them with.

Internet is getting flooded with startups but only with the right set of values and techniques will be able to make it to the end. Follow these ideas and you will see your business acquiring a new level of popularity on the internet.

 If you have any questions,suggestion,do let us know in below comments.


Pranav, 23, is a Full Time Freelance Writer, residing in the capital city of the Country. He has been cited as one of the youngest Blogger cum Content Writer from the state by the National Daily Hindustan Times. He has also contributed a short story to the Anthology, Phase Unknown Women-A Tribute. His next short story is slated to be released with Penguin India later this year. He is involved with varied online sites for varied types of writing, he can be contacted at

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