How to Use Influential Fashion Blogging to Promote Your Own Products

How to Use Influential Fashion Blogging to Promote Your Own Products

Fashion blogging is a persuasive and an adept way to promote a product and influence the choices of the people and thus, create a strong customer base for it. But since there are so many fashion outlets that are competing for the bloggers’ attention, you need to make sure to stand out yourself.


  • Have a Fair Idea of Your Goal

If you have a sharply focused promotion idea, you will be able to make your blogger better understand your product and he/she will not have to come up with something on his/her own that may not do justice with big picture in your mind.

  • Choose Your Blogger Well

Make sure that the style and type of the fashion and lifestyle bloggers that you have in your mind align with your products’ essence. If you design beach wear, you cannot probably go with someone whose personal style maybe traditional Indian dresses.

  • Promote Blog Posts on Your Level Too

By using a bloggers influence you can reach a wide audience but even then, when he accepts your price and to feature your brand name our product in his content, be sure to pitch it in your network as well to aggrandize its popularity.

  • Come Up With a Creative Idea

Consumers have grown very smart these days. The typical strategies that we have been using for a while now like banner ads, sponsored links or just the mention of products in the content are all have become old tricks. Therefore, you need to come up with a unique way to promote your product and increase its popularity.

You can choose from the following four uniquely creative ways to promote your designs or apparels and be on the top of your game.

  • Featuring your Products in the Bloggers Outfit Post

Ask the blogger if he can feature your product in his post. You can look through their blog and see the brands that they may already be promoting. Let him/her mention all the outfits later and categorize them as luxury, casual, lounge etc. You can send some of your creations from your product line. Be sure to compel your audience with your designs to visit your online boutique.

  • Featuring Your Products in an Apartment Tour

These blogs are capable of promoting at least five to six different products in just one go. You can slip in your own product and simply request them to mention the brand or site name in their pictures or videos.

Make sure to send them the most attention grabbing pieces in your stock to make the influence and sale more effective.

  • Creating a Look Book Featuring the Blogger

For this you should ensure that your product style matches seamlessly with your blogger’s personality and preference. With a little observation though, you will be able to tell if she has a boho, Indian, high fashion or vintage style.

You can opt for a photo shoot with the blogger wearing your designs. The look book created thus will have more impact due to the familiar face of the blogger than the usual models used for it.

  • Inviting Blogger to Party In-store

It is an amazing and yet simple way to build relationship and impress the blogger. Invite him/her for an exclusive event. Let him/her take pictures naturally in your shop and post them online. Let him/her go out with a fancy gift hamper.

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