Incorporating an eCommerce business in India

eCommerce business IndiaIf you are planning to launch eCommerce business in India, its best to get professional advice right away. Its good to consult the experts right in the beginning rather than have the legal hassles come back and bite your business later on.

Amongst many issues which are likely to affect the scope and development of eCommerce business in India, most significant one is of course is legal aspect. You should be aware of the Information Technology Act 2000 which describes in depth about the structure and way you should venture into eCommerce business on Indian soil.

There are several ways in which an eCommerce firm can be incorporated. It can be done by means of proprietorship, wherein, an individual man or woman can make the start-up right in small garage or a shop. As a matter of fact, the proprietorship eCommerce firm will require no registration of any kind. There is only the need of a bank account in the name of the firm. In this case, even a personal bank account can also be started with.

Indian payment gateways have now started registering propriertorship firms within 2 days and very minimal documentation. Drop us an email on to learn more about getting a free payment gateway within 48 hours.

If you are incorporating eCommerce firm as a partnership deed, you have to first sign a partnership deed with company partners, thereafter a company has to be formally incorporated thereof.  

After you have incorporated the eCommerce firm, you should immediately plan for Copyright and Trademark protection, and this should be given a top notch protection. Keep in your mind here that in the online business, you are not the only one who is venturing. There are millions of other big and small eCommerce business providers who offer great options too. By having the trademark and logo / slogan, you are creating a unique type of distinctness and making your mark in the industry more than anything else.

Finally among many other things, you should have a registered office as made mandatory in the Form 18.

All Indian registered companies are required by law to have a registered office address in India. It is the address of a company to which all official letters and reminders will be sent. The registered company address must be in a state in which company is registered.

More information about company registration is available on the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

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