Lesson 8: Ecommerce Training – Domain

Lesson 8: Ecommerce Training – Domain
Choose domain names
Choose Domain Names

Like every individual needs a name, your store also needs a unique name to be identified over the internet. This unique name is your domain name (eg. www.coorgshoppe.com ; www.shopnix.in) or the name of your website. Such a domain name needs to be bought from websites/companies that sell these.

How it works?

To buy a domain name you need to visit the website of the companies that sell domain names (such as bigrock, godaddy, etc). You can choose from a host of available options. Usually the domain names have extensions such as .com, .in, .net, .org, etc. The .com extensions are usually costlier than the .in extensions. Your web address would vary only in terms of these extensions (eg., www.coorgshoppe.com; www.coorgshoppe.in; www.coorgshoppe.net). Important thing to be noted is that you may not get the same website name as that of your company name if someone has already bought it. So, before you finalize the name of your online store, make sure a domain name is available by checking on the domain purchasing website.

Domain Extension
Domain Extensions

Once you choose the required domain name, you can go ahead and complete the purchase. You would get the technical details of the same over your registered mail id.

While buying a domain name is an important step towards setting up an online store, it does not end there. You would also have to subscribe/buy hosting space. Simply put, the hosting space is like your hard disk where you store all your data. The only difference here is that the hard disk (referred to as server) space would be owned by someone else. So you need to subscribe or buy it.

Most of the ecommerce platforms such as Shopnix have made this process easier for you. They would host your website on their server. So all you need to do is to decide on the name of your website and buy it from a vendor who sells the domain names. The domain name can then be integrated to the ecommerce platform’s server! The website should become active within 12 hours (or in a shorter duration).


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