How to Make Money from Home by Starting an Ecommerce Business


Internet has revolutionized our lives in innumerable ways. From the way you used to talk, to the way you shopped – everything has been greatly influenced by the internet. Things that you never imagined can now be accomplished with the click of a button. Many services which required you to visit the shop or an establishment personally, can be ordered online and are offered at your doorstep. The evolution of mobile phones has magnified this effect manifold. Majority of the individuals now access internet through their mobile phones and the availability of apps for all services has made it much easier. So, now is the time to make money using the technology that is available almost freely. Let’s know how to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business.

What’s an Ecommerce Business?

When you hear the term ‘ecommerce’, the first question that pops is, “What is it & how does it work?” Well, ecommerce is a rather complex technology which has simplified shopping over the internet. Simply put, it is the internet technology that allows you to buy and sell things over the internet. It also refers to any business that can take place over the internet, without you having to visit their store physically. So you can order for a product or service by visiting the website of the product company or service provider and choose the product/service that you would want. Basically, ecommerce business is dependent upon – good products, an online website/platform, packaging, and delivery partner. Wondering how to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business?

Let me help you.

How to Make Money from Home?

To make money from home by starting an ecommerce business, you must first form a robust business plan. Ecommerce is one of the simplest way to make money from home. With the availability of various options for all aspects of ecommerce, starting and running a business from home is quite easy. As mentioned previously, if you are able to solve the four basic aspects of ecommerce business, then you can comfortably earn from your home.

Identify Product and Supply

The first answer for the question, how to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business, is – by having the right product. With easy accessibility to various products and services, and growing road traffic, majority of the individuals who know about online stores are opting for these services. So, it’s up to you to identify the most commonly sought products/services and then plan to provide it to the consumers at a competitive price within a short duration. You can opt either for a drop-ship model or warehouse model to handle the supply part.

Sign up with an Ecommerce Platform

Next, to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business, you must have a good website and sign up with an ecommerce platform. These platforms provide ready to use online stores which can be easily customised according to your needs. You can list different products that you want to sell, add attractive pictures and descriptions, take orders and collect payment, check the order details, keep stock of the products listed, analyse your sales, and even send updates to your customers, through the ecommerce platform.

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Shopnix provides you with the simplest platform at the most affordable prices and also with the option of a free website! Additionally, the platform can be tried for free, for a period of 2 weeks before you finalise. So, you can try running the store for free before you actually start!

Work on the Packing

One of the important aspect to be taken care to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business, is the packaging. Any product that is sent with a logistic partner is at risk of getting damaged during transit. This is especially true for products that are fragile. So, you may either need to avoid selling such products, or plan your packaging such that the products are delivered safely to the buyers. Some of the packaging material that needs to be acquired can include bubble wrap sheets, thermocol sheets, corrugated boxes, sticking tapes and labels. Once you have these, you are ready to ship the products.

Identify Logistic Partners

Next answer to your question, how to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business, is, by choosing the right logistic partner. Ecommerce businesses mainly rely on the logistic partner (or, in simple terms, the courier company) who picks up stuff from home and delivers it across the world. With an increase in the number of ecommerce stores, there has been a steady rise in the number of companies that offer logistic support.

So you need not run behind the courier companies anymore. Just log on to the internet, search for ‘logistic services’ and you have a bunch of companies offering you attractive services in this sector. You just need to choose the right one that meets your needs and you are ready to start!

Market your Site among Family, Friends and on the Internet

To make money from home by starting an ecommerce business, you must be active on the internet and also have a good social circle (as for any business). So, once you have accomplished all the above steps, its time to get on to marketing your ecommerce business. Inform your friends and family about your venture, and share the link to your ecommerce website. Mail them the link to your website and ask them to share it with their friends too. There are several paid and free advertising options in social platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, etc which also can be availed for publicising your business.


After all the above steps are complete, you are now ready to launch your business and make money from home by starting an ecommerce business! Having a simple yet technically sound ecommerce platform is the ultimate answer to the question, “how to make money from home by starting an ecommerce business?”


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