Marketing Professional or Digital Marketing professional?

Marketing Professional or Digital Marketing professional?

Times are changing! … And they are changing at the same speed as today’s fast-moving mobile and social technologies.

Technological advancements are breeding new profiles for marketing professionals. As of today, the task of marketing has become more reliant on technologies and the Internet. There are very few marketing strategists sitting on the drawing board; was most of them are working to understand how technology could be utilized.  This does not mean that marketing strategies are not needed, Infact now the marketing professionals also need to understand the role of technology in achieving their business objectives.

Ideally marketing profiles should possess an understanding of the marketing concept, ability of strategic thinking and must be well versed with relevant technologies such as eCommerce softwares in India.

Direct Marketing Tools

These days, hands-on experience and knowledge of marketing technology is essential for a marketer. A marketing professional can make use of automation tools such as ‘Mailchimp’ while sending email campaigns for selling online in India. A service like this can provide great insight about consumers and convey their level of interest in the products. Such tools can also provide necessary analytics and feedback for marketers to help them design future marketing plans. This further reconfirms that marketing professional should have a good hold of digital marketing expertise.

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Marketing Strategy and Decision Making

As technology gets more central role, many companies are looking forward to employing people who can bridge the gap between Marketing and Information Technology. These profiles mainly deal with Marketing Operations, Content Marketing, Digital Trend Analysis and people who can perform these jobs can be called as ‘Marketing technologist.’

The marketing technologists have a specific skill set that can revolutionize the marketing landscape. They can keep track of the ever-changing market, adapt to it and respond to consumer needs as soon as analytics are received from eCommerce softwares in India. Their proactive role in Marketing definitely help companies sell more products and to keep customer satisfaction indices high.

Product Decisions

One of their important tasks involves selection of products; that are favored by local consumer base and selection of marketing technology partners; to complement organizational requirement. Marketing technologists would use their creativity, strategy and technology acumen to fulfill marketing requirements, do necessary branding and sell online in India. With their help, companies would be able to align products and services according to customer preferences and marketing goals.


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Higher Customer Engagement

In order to get higher market penetration, better branding and improved marketing performance; one can use various digital marketing tools. ‘Foursquare’ is one of them! In this social marketing service with Geo-fencing feature enabled; users can check-in to ‘point of interest’ (any location) using their phones. This service allows businesses to create a page or create an event and receive visitor’s feedback.  Sometimes these visitors post their comments on social networks; making it a part of an electronic word of Mouth (e-WoM). In such scenario, businesses can increase their customer base by offering discounts for people who are checking into their locations.

To achieve improved results, marketing professionals can make use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

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A Chennai based organization known as Adventnet Inc, which was renamed as Zoho Corporation; provide a suite of applications including CRM.  Using Zoho, online stores in India can attract, retain and stay in touch with their Customers.  Digital marketers can further automate their activities for enhanced productivity and track all the sales in order to grow their business.

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