New Era of shipping: Indian Post Launches dedicated ecommerce processing    

New Era of shipping: Indian Post Launches dedicated ecommerce processing      


In the Internet laden world, logistics has got to play an important role. E-commerce enterprises are dependent on their logistics counterpart for reaching out to the customers from the remotest corners of the country and world.

Logistics in India is a mess and this is perhaps one of the most prominent reasons behind Flipkart setting up its own logistics enterprise. The problem that private logistics face in the contemporary India is diversity and state laws. A lot of states are known to impose their taxation system on the e-commerce couriers and this is making the task difficult.

On the other hand, Indian post is known to have a network that is efficient and smooth. It is known to affect the whole economy of the country, the wide network and the immaculate understanding of the plains and deserts makes Indian Post most eligible for being the largest logistics service provider for the e-commerce enterprises.

Indian Post has finally made a debut in the genre of e-commerce delivery and processing. This government organization has established a hub in Mumbai near Parel. The hub is spread over an arena of 12,000 Sq. Ft. This establishment is going to deliver about 30,000 products everyday. Currently the establishment is known to process a total of 10,000 products everyday.


Indian Post is surely going to change the world of e-commerce and logistics for better. Every giant enterprise like Amazon, E-Bay, Telebrands India, TVC Network and Red Box are already in touch with Indian Post for the logistics services.

With Indian post handling all the e-commerce logistics will bring a brighter change in the world of e-commerce. The responsiveness of the business will increase and it will get easier on the part of customers. Customers from the remotest corners of the world will be able to order items online without worrying about the loss or damage to products.

Indian Post is breaking status quo and is setting up new records with its collaborations with giants from around the country. Within a week of the starting the governmental organization had recorded a striking 46 deals with various enterprises.

Now that Indian Post has delved into the e-commerce market, private logistics companies have started to work on their services. These companies have developed a fear and are now looking forward to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.


Indian Post earned a whopping sum of 10 crores as a profit during last financial year simply by deliverying items booked through online sites. The world is looking forward to better services and the one who provides it is going to earn a fortune for itself.

With the Indian post in the market the competition is going to increase, private logistics like E-kart are going to be face a cutthroat competition.

The future of the Indian E-commerce is bright hence it is important to provide the logistics department with the best of strength and power to make the future brighter.

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