New feature released on Shopnix – Product Widgets

We are delighted to be announcing the launch of a new feature on Shopnix that’s going to make Shopnix eCommerce stores more awesome than ever! We are happy to present to you Product Widgets.

What is a Widget?

A widget is a UI element that allows a merchant to list a select set of products within a mini-window on their store. Below is a quick rendering of an example widget.

Widget Screenshot

This is very useful to display and highlight this product set to eCommerce store visitors.
Think of it as a custom made “showcase” where merchants can a promote a product set.

For eg:
Seller might want to show all the latest additions to store as a widget OR
Seller might want to showcase products with large discounts in a widget OR
Seller might want to highlight a special category of products for a particular period to drive sales.

How to access the Widgets feature in the Store Manager?

If you haven’t already created a Shopnix store create one within minutes. Click the “Build store now” button next to this blog post.

After you sign up – Goto Store Manager > Products > Widgets. You will see all your default widgets listed in this “Widgets List page“.

What can I do in the “Widgets List” page?

Widget List Page Screenshot

  1. The first column with arrows allows you to control the order in which the widgets are displayed
  2. The second column is the Widget Name, clicking on it will take you inside the Widget and change its attributes (See next question)
  3. The third column, Display Page indicates which page this widget will be shown. Current options are Home Page and the Product Page
  4. The Is Active column indicates if the widget is enabled/disabled
  5. The Trash icon allows you to permanently delete a widget

How do I configure a Widget? What are the settings?

When you select a particular widget in the “Widgets List page” you will be taken to the “Widget Page“. Here –
  1. The widget page is divided into two tabs, Widget and Widget Products
  2. The Widget tab is where you configure all the attributes of the widget including which page it is displayed on, what links should be shown under the widget, name of the widget, etc
  3. The widget Products page allows you to add products to be shown in the widget. You can add products by typing in the name/sku of the product and also control the order in which it is displayed in the widget

Have any further questions/ clarifications?

Just drop us an email on our Support id – and we will help you out rightaway.

Shopnix Team