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Coupons, many people don’t think it as a viable promotion tool for business but the truth is quite opposite over years it had been proven as one of the best strategies to promote sales of online retailers, even though these were started by traditional businesses now online retailers had caught the concept and are utilising it to full extent.It is nothing more (and nothing else) than a promise given to a prospective customer that when they come in, they will get your stuff cheaper than other people. So, keep all your doubts aside and take advantage of this opportunity. Nowadays many sites providing ecommerce training like escrivo specifically explains the ways to expand business by marketing  coupons. Here are some tips that will guide you through successful online coupon marketing


Aim the right customers and pick the right product:

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The main aim of digital coupons is to increase the loyal customer base. So, its better when you discount high margin products which it will increase new visitors to your site ,discounting a low margin product will just eat your income and decrease repeated customers you can use technology can incorporate geo targeting in existing mobile apps and can send notification to user’s phone with special offers based on their travelling interests.


Visually appealing coupons:


    The design of digital coupons should be professional, if necessary hire a graphic designer or if your business house have a talented designer can try making your own it should be eye catching that delivers the required message along with your brand image never go for cost saving strategies that may impact brand image in negative way


Marketing by social media:

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        Facebook  with more than a billion users the best way to market your coupons. Create a fan page that promotes the best offers available, introduce special offers who are first users registered with site redirected from fan page give them coupon codes to avail offers. Make use of recent festivals, events and fashion trends in getting attention.

Twitter is far more simple than facebook you just have to post single line sentences that grab users attention and make offers available to users who registeres via links posted by availing coupon codes

Make sure your followers and friends share your posts it will increase customer base ,provide offers and incentives that are available if the post is shared, you can keep track of the loyal customers with codes on coupons if your loyal customers are rewarded for referrals they will forward your offers to others in future

Integrate with E-mail:


         Ensure your digital coupons integrate with your customer’s email accounts with email ids in your hand you can update them with special and discount offers, you can provide coupons through email by incorporating bar codes on them


Use Text Messaging:


          Text campaigns are far more effective as they will reach users who can’t access internet. Create a feeling of exclusivity in offers and making the message short and simple will avoid annoying outlook on promotional messages


Numbers tell stories: 

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        Do your maths, Have a specific goal and ensure the best way for marketing campaign, some prefer free marketing in social media while some invest in ads like googleads. After a offer is closed get the data of sales by using coupon codes identify source of the sale , whether if it’s by social media, paid online ads, email or by text messages, it will give clear picture in future campaigns

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