Online Drugstore in India : E-pharmacy – Hurdles and Opportunities  

Online Drugstore in India : E-pharmacy – Hurdles and Opportunities   
Online Drugstore in India : E-pharmacy - Hurdles and Opportunities  
Online Drugstore in India : E-pharmacy – Hurdles and Opportunities

With India being third largest startup eco-system in the world, it is only obvious for it to show some breathtaking growth in the e-pharmacy sector. Selling drugs online will ensure that the medical facilities reach the remotest corners of the country. The regulatory bodies are considering the possibilities of bringing things under one hood.

Agencies working under the Government of India are working on the development of framework. The new well-defined framework will help e-commerce marketplace to grow in a specific direction and facilities like E-pharmacy will find better roads to development.

With all the things falling in right place, the future of E-pharmacy seems to be very bright and fruitful but take a closer look and you will see how arduous and innocuous it. The government will need another body or agency to keep a tab on the sale of illegal drugs on the various sites. With E-pharmacy growing, pseudo suppliers will also find a marketplace to sell their lethal products.


Let’s discuss the Hurdles and opportunities in details:


Lack of Framework:

It is only obvious that in a country like India, a lot of pseudo-intellectuals are functioning and they are also running factories were faulty/duplicate drugs are being produced. Government and the E-Pharmacy people are going to have a hard time managing stocks and ticking the faulty stocks out. A new framework with proper scrutiny management is required.

Technological Hurdles:

India being new to the eco-system of startup is suffering from lack of technology that ensures proper management, packaging and delivery of medicines to the concerned patient. The lack of technology in processing is one of the biggest hurdles India is facing.


 Framework Development:

 The contemporary position of India is very decisive, it can push India into an Era epitome development or it can take India back into the days where everything was under control of hooters and looters.

The government of India should come together with the entire drug regulating agencies and companies and define paradigms that suit both the retail as well as the online market. The government should focus on developing a framework that leverages everyone with equal opportunities and ensures proper growth. This is an historic opportunity to set an example for the other developing countries and India has the intellectual capacity and resources to do so.

Technological Advancements:

With India possessing the brightest of technological minds, it is time now to inspire engineers and scientists to come together and develop technologies that will help Pharmacy sector function with great ease. There is a need of technologies that will help identify faulty drugs with great ease and there is a need of system that checks, manages, packages and delivers the medicines with a lot of efficiency.

It is an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs from India to create a Business-to-Business system and change the contemporary E-Pharmacy sector for better.

India is rising and it is time for India to rule the world. With proper development of technology under well-defined framework, we for sure can become the world leaders of E-Pharmacy. We already are first when it comes to manufacturing of medicine.


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