Online Marketplaces in India : Sell Online

Online Marketplaces in India : Sell Online

Nowadays, every small Indian businessman is talking of “e-commerce”. Be it consumer products or direct B2B sales, e-commerce is everywhere. With the growth of e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, E-bay and Jabong, competition in the e-commerce sector has become really stiff. In this hustle and bustle of thousands of online stores, how do you plan to Establish your Online Store? How do you plan to get noticed and build a chain of loyal customers? Everybody will market themselves on the net; what are you going to do to stand apart?

I Don’t Know. What Should I Do?


Online Marketplaces

The answer is ONLINE MARKETPLACE. Remember those local fairs or melas where young entrepreneurs or start-ups used to put up their stalls?

People used to pay huge amount of money as rent just to acquire a small space in the fair for a few days. Why do you think these people paid so much money for acquiring a small area for such a limited period of time?

They could have easily got a larger area elsewhere or they could have simply run their stall from their house. That would definitely have been more convenient and profitable; don’t you think?

Online Marketplaces in India

Yes, that would have been more profitable for sure; however, these budding entrepreneurs are not interested in profits. They are interested in gaining exposure.

They want their business to get noticed by thousands of people visiting the fair. In the end, many stalls may incur losses; however, the kind of publicity they obtain from the fair is much more important than any loss figure.

It is here that their business gets noticed, clients get attracted and a regular flow of orders begin. In short, their business starts growing. Isn’t it an excellent marketing strategy?

Fortunately, such fairs and melas are available in the form of online marketplaces on the worldwide web as well. Just like how you pay a certain fee as rent in fairs to open your stall, these marketplaces will let you sell your products on their websites in exchange for a nominal share of every sale you make on their website.

Selling On Online Marketplaces in India

The best part of these marketplaces is that they enjoy huge amount of traffic, thus giving you enough opportunities to get noticed. Moreover, you pay them only when you make a sale.

Hence, chances of making losses are seldom. In the end, once you find that you have attracted enough number of customers through these marketplaces, you can start redirecting them to your own website. In this way, you will have a chain of your own customers that will be your loyal patrons. Sounds exactly what you need, doesn’t it?

Online Selling Websites in India

Online Selling Websites
Online Selling Websites

There are many e-commerce businesses that have succeeded with this innovative strategy. The Indian brand Kitsch is one of them. Your online store could be next. Here’s a list of top online marketplaces in India OR We can call it as online selling websites in India that will help you get started.

  1. Sell online on Flipkart
  2. Sell on
  3. Sell Products online on
  4. Sell on
  5. Selling On eBay
  6. Start Selling with India TImes
  7. PayTM Marketplace
  8. Sell Products with ShopClues
  9. Sell On Jabong
  10. Selling with Myntra – Partner Portal
  13. Rediff Shopping
  14. Art For Everyday
  15. 3 Closets: Curators of Fine Fashion
  16. 48Craft
  17. 6Y Collective
  18. Aniika (serves US buyers only)
  19. Buy the Price
  20. Craftsvilla
  21. CraftVille
  22. Egully
  23. Storrz
  24. Tradus

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