How to plan a festive campaign for your online business?

How to plan a festive campaign for your online business?
Festive campaign Plan

Festive seasons are filled with joy, fun and most importantly shopping!

Almost every one shops for themselves as well as for others. People are ecstatic during festive season and love to get and share gifts. It is well known that both offline and online sales of different products are the highest during festive seasons. This is especially true for products that can be gifted.

So how to make hay while the sun shines? Get into festive mood! Yes, that would be the first step! Rest, are listed below.


Create an easily shareable campaign

Create an easy-to-share marketing campaign that can be sent through email/whatsapp/facebook/twitter/instagram (and all other social network platforms!), and send it to all your existing customers.

Make it interesting, witty and humorous so that they share it with their friends and family instantly!

Such campaigns are quickly shared rather than a boring ad.

Spruce up marketing materials

Yes! Its festive season and your marketing campaign should clearly gel with it! Create a short video, or a cartoon based, or a colorful message, depicting the festival and the key icon (such as Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi or Santa during Christmas) related to the festival, and convey the intended message (such as a discount).

If you also have an offline store, then you can deck it up with props related to the festival.


Pamper your customers

Who doesn’t like gifts? Especially, if it’s from unexpected people! Create simple gifts or discount vouchers for your customers and gain their trust and loyalty.

A simple ‘thank you’ card sent by post can also do wonders!

Try to personalize these gifts so that the buyers feel special. This will not only ensure that the buyer will remain loyal to your store, but also help in word-of-mouth publicity!

Create gifting options

Many like to give unique gifts during festivals and you should make use of such opportunities to create gifting options utilizing your existing products. Make a gift hamper with attractive packaging and promote it through the campaigns explained before. If not anything, just get discount coupons or gift vouchers printed!

So, go ahead, get involved in the festive season and increase your sales!


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