Secrets of Social Media That Will Drive Your Online Sales in India

Simple and Smart Steps to Increase Sales using Social Media

You walk into a big retail shop such as Shoppers Stop, you like a gorgeous pair of boots, but when you look around there are no representatives to help you or to answer your questions or to get the right size of pairs for you, annoyingly you will walk out the shop and might never return to it again. Exactly the same is scenario for the e-commerce industry if we take out the aspect of social customer service.

How to Increase Online Sales Using Social Media?

Seeing the race in e-commerce, just having the perfect commodities won’t sell your business. There are many aspects that contribute to the success of a business. One of the greatest is retaining your customers. And your customers will stick to you only if you have an excellent social customer service

Want to improve your customer service?? Here are a few key points that might come in handy:


Minimum retort time:

Everybody today loves a fast service whether it is delivery of your online ordered commodity or refund to your accounts when you cancel the order. When your customers are inquiring or complaining about some problems they are facing, the sooner you respond to them, the more they will favor your business. This is the reason that even online banking services have devised the approach where you leave your number and they call you back with answers to all your questions.

Avoid automated replies:

Getting an automated reply might make your customers feel that they are not valued enough in your business whereas the case is extremely opposite. Personalizing their problems and getting your representative in touch with them might make them more comfortable and also will save your time as all their queries will be answered instantly.

Be to the point:

Beating around the bush will never help your cause with customers. You have to understand their query properly and provide a clear and accurate answer which is to the point. If their questions are still not clear, ask them for more information so that you can provide them with exactly what is required.

 Changing channels:

It is very important that you don’t give them the feeling that you are services are just like any government service of India where people move from desk to desk to get one simple task done. You should see to it that the customers are provided with one single representative to get all their tasks done rather than providing them with the team. Change is not favorable to anyone.

 Hours of service:

It is very important for every business not only retail to mention clearly and specifically the timings in which they’ll be available in their advertisement board or dashboards in websites. This helps customer increase their timeline of expectation. In other words they’ll wait if they have contacted you in an off period for hours but not during the on hours. Mentioning the hours of operations will help clear their confusion.

 Always be polite and apologetic:

Politeness and apologies towards customer goes a long way in any business. It might even make sure a long term customer relationship.



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