Sell antiques online in India

Sell antiques online in India
Sell antiques online in India
Sell antiques online in India

 Guide to start online antiques store business

I bet you have a lot of cool stuffs (forgotten) in your backyard or you just find a pool of treasures. What ever that be, you have something that’s worth a commercial sale and we have the right technology that help you sell antiques online. With technology at our disposal, there exists no need for you to establish a full fledged offline store. Wow, that saved a huge amount in terms of initial investment. Exactly! You can create a virtual shop on our platform, and can start showcasing your products to a huge list of people who are active in the digital world.

Keep in mind:- Fashion is temporary, but class is timeless.

When considering to start a virtual store you need to understand that fact that, its not a business model that you a familiar with. I bet you have bought 50 products online and never thought of how to sell something in the digital world. Unique pieces that falls into the category “antiques” have great demand in the market. Quite a large no : of people are out there willing to bet huge sums to their hands on those goodies.


The biggest challenge when comes to selling antiques online is that people want to verify the authenticity of what you are providing. What you are selling comes with a premium price. So you need to consider the customer’s interest at its best. Often the question will be, How can I convince the customer up front and inspire him/ her to visit my store? Great question.

To sell Antiques Online – You need to convince the customer

Try few of these tips;

  1. Get your online store endorsed by a renounced person in the industry
  2. Tag a certificate along the product
  3. Write a detailed product description
  4. Mention customer reviews and testimonials
  5. Instead to a dull image, inset a video (better if someone highlights the importance)
  6. Be cautious of what you sell, never ever end up selling a first copy. It could compromise what your brand stands for.
The best time to start a digital venture is Now.

Most renowned people have fondness for art. There are handful of designers, decorators, entrepreneurs, etc who holds a wide collection of antiques. They appreciate the value that its posses than what the price its tagged to.

Let’s admit, we all have been huge fan of the TV Show, Pawn Stars, where they buy and purchase antiques from around the world. The business family makes the best use of the available resources for verifying the authenticity of the antique before buying or selling it. They have revolutionized the way people buy and sell things and apart of everything they have also inspired youths to take interest in Antiques and make a successful business out of it.

The contemporary generation thinks of everything like an entrepreneur. Today’s generation is passionate, talented and hard working. They work with a vision and this is one of the prominent reasons behind their huge success in the every field of life.

Selling Antiques in a country like India may sound irrational but is truly a good business idea. A lot of people are selling unique wad of 5-rupee note on Internet at huge prices.

This is just an example; there’s a huge unidentified business of antiques yet to be discovered in India. If someone starts an online antiques store business in India today, he or she will be able to inspire a lot of people to come over and sell antiques at huge prices and grow rich.

Vintage travel gear seller at the marche Dauphine, Paris

Few Stores where you Can Sell Antiques

Well Proof your idea: “Selling Antiques Online in India” is just a phrase with five different words. In order to start an online store and make it successful, you need to have a well-proved idea and a business plan to implement it and make it successful. Start meeting a lot of people, read about ideas and similar businesses running across the world. Get in touch with a mentor and let them take control of your business.

A Store that serves with a unique experience: Amazon and EBay are already selling Antiques then why there is a need for you? The world needs you for disruption. You need to disrupt the Antique industry that is already ripe. You will have to build a store that not only provides product but also an experience. Build a platform that allows people to interact with the seller and develop an understanding about the antique you are selling.

TIAS, is a great website to sell your antiques. TIAS is a dedicated platform to sell collectables and antiques items., is another eCommerce store that sells specialised goods. The eCommerce store has been around from 1998, and it sells collectables, fine arts, and antique items.

Another market place will be Etsy. Its not a dedicated platform to sell antique items rather a marketplace to sell handmade items. You can list your products in this market place and can sell. the biggest advantage of selling on a market place is that your initial investment to setup an online store all for your self can be slashed out of the equation. At the same time, as a commercial model. You need to pay the market place a sum to list your product.

The day you start selling unique experience to customers, they will start pouring in multitude and this will be the day your business will grow successful. is here to help you realize your dream. Their one click e-commerce store allows you to create a business according to your requirements. Customize your store for serving a unique experience and you will see people falling in love with your business.


Promotional strategy: You are selling something very unique hence old and obsolete marketing measures are not going to work for you. You will have to brainstorm and find a lot of strategies that will help your business get noticed. Get on to social media; interact with people who all are professional antique seller.

Develop a connection, build a network and start targeting the undiscovered customer base. Social Media and local seminars or museums can be of great use for spreading the word about your new business.

Abundance of entrepreneurial opportunities is there in India. The Indian community needs less of graduates and more of entrepreneurs. People with entrepreneurial mindset will only make a difference. Today is the right time to start a business and create a disruption.

Zero investment eCommerce Store



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