Sell footwear online : Guide to Start an online footwear store in India

Sell footwear online : Guide to Start an online footwear store in India
Sell Footwear Online

Selling footwear/shoes online, at first it is going to sound odd but if the data are to be believed, it is going to be one of the most successful business idea of recent times. Selling shoes online is not about saving money by establishing one and only warehouse and shipping to the remotest corners of the country; it is actually about expanding the horizons by removing the limits of ten or 20 centers across the country. An online shoe store with well-managed logistics has more potential than 20 stores across the country have simultaneously. 

Here, we draw a full proof guide for starting an online footwear store in India:

Finding the Niche: Do not try to go anywhere and end up in the same place every time. Start small with a big plan. The first step towards building an online footwear store in India should be finding a niche. Start with Formal shoes and as you grow start adding other niches like Casual shoes and Sports shoes. Red Tape did something very similar when it started and today they are considered to be One Stop Shop for all footwear needs.

Develop a Business Plan: Now that the niche of your store is clear in your mind, it is time for you to pen down a master plan. You will have to be little clairvoyant here and develop a plan that will go with all the niches that you are planning to add as your business starts to grow. Your potential of identifying future constraints is going to come handy here. So read about a lot of businesses from around the world and then prepare your master plan. Add all the PR and Marketing Clauses in this plan and improve it daily by working on it whenever you find time.

If you look closely at Red Tape Empire, you will get a clear glimpse of developing business step by step. Red Tape was already a master player in Retail Sector but this online store followed a regime that has turned out to be a paradigm for every aspiring entrepreneur.


Get the certificates and partners on board: Now that you have acquired materials that defines and explains your business intricately, it is time to take the next big step and establish your online store legally. Get ahead and apply for the requisite licenses with the local authority or the state government, do not forget to have a look at the TDS/VAT constraints in India. At the same time, start getting in touch with logistics partners and shoemakers.

Pro Tip: Going Indigenous will help you control the cost and also maintain quality at the same time. Try to roll in Indian manufacturers only.

Indian Post is now a master player of Logistics for Indian E-commerce companies. They are reliable and worth a try. Go ahead and let your customers enjoy a hassle-free delivery experience.

A Responsive Website with Exquisite User Interface: This is the Real Big thing you should never ignore it. helps you build responsive E-commerce stores with one click.

A site that is easy to navigate and provides users with an exquisite experience is going to make a huge difference. Do not loose your potential customers by providing them with a strenuous shopping experience. Provide search button and all other requisite tools like Sorting, Brand Selection and Categories and make shopping easier.

Social Media Campaign: New in the market? It is going to get really difficult. Start small but with a bigger target. Your one Facebook page can help you reach millions of potential customers and business partners from around the world, so never underestimate the power of Social Media.

Follow all these points intricately and build your business around it. Do not forget to mix a little passion with a lot of hard work. The day you learn to work passionately, you will see your business grow by leaps and bound.


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