Best SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform to Start an Online Business in India

Best SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform to Start an Online Business in India

Best SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform to Start an Online Business in India

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most sought services in the eCommerce world. There is a high demand for SEO optimized websites/ ecommerce platform providers. Basically, search engines such as Google follow a particular algorithm to rank a page in the search results. There are a number of factors that are considered by these search engines while displaying the order of the results obtained. One such factor is keyword. Keywords are words or phrases used by people to search for anything over the internet. The search engines record these keywords and look for these words on a web-page. The page with words or phrases which closely match the keywords are given a higher priority in the results page. Although there are several other factors or algorithms used by the search engines, keywords still remain one of the important aspects to be incorporated in a webpage. Hence, SEO friendly eCommerce platforms are preferred by majority of the online business owners. provides one of the best SEO friendly platform to start an online business in India. There are several onsite-optimization features that are in-built in the eCommerce platform offered by Let’s know more about the necessary SEO features and why is one of the best SEO friendly platforms.

SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform Provider India

Independent Navigation Links

This refers to the text which appears in the navigation menu of a website. These links are generally auto-generated in SEO optimized platforms and may use the same name as specified in the product description. While this may be useful for products with simple names such as ‘leather jackets’, it may be awkward to read longer names such as Nokia Ericsson HBL0832 3MP 2GB. The best SEO friendly platform such as that offered by allows you to customize these links according to your needs. Hence, you can easily modify the navigation links to make them simple but effective enough.

Independent Page URL

The location of a product page as displayed in the address bar of your internet browser is referred to as the page URL. The best SEO friendly platform offers automatically generated, yet customisable independent page URLs for all products. This independent page URL is also an important SEO feature as the search engines browse for the keywords within such URLs. So incorporating the keywords related to the product in the page URL increases the chances of the search engine preferring such pages while displaying search results. In the eCommerce platform offered by, the page URL can be customised according to your requirements.

Product Page SEO

The SEO can also be applied to the product page and product descriptions. Headings, custom names/headings, tags and meta tags can be used to highlight the products being sold online. One of the best SEO friendly platform by Shopnix offers these features too. The name of the product can be customised to include specific keywords. Further, the image of the product can include specific names for easy identification by the search engine algorithms. Product description feature allows you to include headings of different sizes including H1 headings, which are picked by search engines, while ranking every page. Specific keywords can be used in various densities to increase the chances of your product being given priority when a buyer is searching for a similar product.

Further, with the eCommerce platform offered by Shopnix, for every product page there are options to include title, meta description, keywords and page URL (as specified earlier). These options can be used to improve the SEO. Incorporating the right keywords in the title and meta description helps in improving the visibility of the product being sold online. Keywords can be used judiciously to increase the chances of your product being picked by the search engines.

Blog Links

Blogs are an integral part of SEO. Quality blogs with links to your webpage or online store or a specific product page improves the page ranking of your online store. This feature is enabled in the best SEO friendly platform offered by Shopnix where you can leave a link to your blog. Readers can browse through the blog to know additional information about the company or the products sold.

Social Sharing

This is one of the vital features that is offered by the best SEO friendly platform. Most of the shoppers like to share details about what they liked or bought recently. Adding a button to share the product on different social media platforms helps both directly and indirectly in SEO. People who come across the links on social media platforms would click them and visit your online store. Higher the number of clicks, better are the chances of the search engine algorithms recording such activity. So the next time someone searches for a keyword embedded in your product page URL, search engines rank your product page higher. On the other hand, SEO also involves leaving the links to your page on multiple platforms. The search engines also record such instances and give a higher rating to your online store, based on the number of times the links have been shared or used to visit the store.

Domain Name

Using your own domain name without any mention of the eCommerce platform is another added SEO feature. This is offered by the best SEO friendly platform, The domain name of your choice can be mapped to the store set up using Shopnix platform. Several other eCommerce platforms charge an additional fee for this mapping or integration. If you choose otherwise, then the name of the eCommerce platform is included before your store name. This not only looks unprofessional and reduces the credibility of your store, but also reduces the page ranking. Hence it is important to choose an eCommerce platform that allows you to have your own domain name.

There are numerous other SEO features on Shopnix which makes it one of the best SEO friendly platforms to set up an online store. Check out the features today by setting up an online store for FREE!

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