Small Scale Business Ideas and Opportunity in India 2015

Small Scale business ideas and opportunity in India 2015
Small Scale business ideas and opportunity in India 2015

Interested in doing business or starting up a new company in India? If yes! Then you must have know some top small scale business ideas that will require less investment and provide you with high return. The ease of doing business has increased in India due to the booming economy and cheap workforce available than any where in the world. Internet and cutting edge technology has leveraged entrepreneurs with a pool of opportunity to serve the world with services that solves real life problems.

Over the time India has registered its name as the hub of start-ups. People from the remotest corner of the country are coming up with ideas that are revolutionary. These ideas are acquiring huge investments from around the world. If you dream of heading a giant business in the coming future then you will have to start today and you will have to start small.


Top small scale business opportunity that require less investment:

  • Supplies for school and offices

    Stationaries have always been in demand whether it is for office requirement or for students, so you don’t need to panic about sales. With the huge numbers of schools, colleges and offices available in urban areas, demand for pencils, papers and other stationary items are always going to grow.

  • Interior design and home decorations

    Now that everyone is working hard and earning a lot, the desire to own exquisite houses have increased and people are ready to shell out heavy amount of money for the acquisition of a beautiful house. If you are one of those with the designing skills and creativity then you can start your small-scale business of interior designing and help people in making beautiful houses. 

  • Customized jewelry 

    women tend to go crazy when it comes to accessorizing. India has always been the booming market for the jewelry and garments. People here in India love to dress and accessories themselves. And because of the high price of the gold and diamonds people are opting more and more for customized jewelry, so it’s the high time to start your own customized jewelry business. Your creativity can make someone look better and can fulfill your desires better too.

  • Restaurants

    India is the land of diverse cultures and due to the diversity in culture we have million varieties of dishes. Indian have always been the food lovers. You can setup your own restaurant serving distinct dishes from all the corners of India. Owning a restaurant will not cost you more but it will have great returns.

  • Printing press

    demand for customized prints like ads, visiting cards, greeting cards etc. have increased in recent past. Now is the perfect time to establish a press that prints varied kinds of products and make your life better. With the generated revenue you can always plan to go big. 

  • Thrift shop

    nowadays many online portals are selling and acting as a bridge between buyers and second hand sellers. So you can also start a shop to sell second hand items. Thrift shops also have better returns like other businesses.



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