How to start an online Clothing store in India ? Guide to Sell Clothes online

How to start an online Clothing store in India ? Guide to Sell Clothes online

How to start an online Clothing store in India ? Guide to Sell Clothes online

These days everyone is selling goods online. The e-commerce market is flooded with potential players who want to make their mark. Among tough competition only smart work pays off. To start an online clothing store in India you need to take care of the following aspects.

Find out everything about the industry

Talk to experts or experienced professionals in the space. If you want to sell clothes online, understand the market first. You should know all about it and only if you find it profitable, should you enter it. Take into account the present financial condition of the market, the returns existing sellers are getting on their investments, turnover, gross and net profit ratio etc. Form a projected balance sheet and profit and loss account.

How does the apparel market work?

The clothes market is volatile. Every six months, the existing trend changes. If you don’t have experience of the apparel market, talk to people who have. You can also work for a year in a leading store to get all the market information, viz. suppliers, retailers, profit margin, investment, procurement, taste of customers etc. Add those products or varieties that are not easily available and are in demand. For instance, sleeveless t-shirts for boys. They are generally not available at many stores. Add products like these.

Do a survey

Hire a firm to perform a survey for you. Post the survey on the net, radio channels, newspapers and magazines. Add questions related to customers’ preferences, price consideration, availability of clothes, style, their needs etc. The survey should be conducted in all the areas you wish to cater. Gather all the responses and analyze them.


Take care of the finance. Money is the blood of business. Keep some part of the money intact and do not spend it. Keep it for emergencies and unavoidable expenditures. If you have money, your business will live. Think twice before spending. Try to get maximum return out of the expenditure.

Find and shortlist suppliers

Understand the working of the market, that is, payment terms, credit period, discounts, price hikes, stock management, primary market or hub, procurement, logistics, and every other important aspect. The information will help you in finding appropriate suppliers. For instance, these days people prefer wearing t-shirts with humorous prints, so find one who does that.

Develop a responsive site

Online customers are quite impatient. They want prompt results. Develop a website which is responsive and gives quick results. The website design should be compatible with all the major Operating systems and devices. is here to help you. You can create your online store with just one click. The enterprise offers a trial run of one month.


In this cut- throat competition, it is the services that will give you the edge over others. Treat customers politely and try to give them smooth services. The procurement and shipping should be timely. Use durable packaging material only. Give the customers the best price possible without charging any hidden costs.

Go ahead and start selling clothes online. When everyone does hard work, but the one who provides best services to customers by understanding their requirements wins. Hope this guide gave you some basic idea. brings to world a new tool that allows the entrepreneurs to create their e-commerce store with great ease. You can acquire everything related to your online business and make your business a part of the stiff competition.


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