Start an Online Store and Sell Refurbished Mobiles

Start an Online Store and Sell Refurbished Mobiles

Mobiles and smartphones have become a necessity for every individual. While majority of them use for job related purposes, several individuals carry high-end phones to feel respected. Either way, there is a huge market for mobiles. At the same time, not all can afford the new phones, especially those from a high-end manufacturer, such as Apple, Samsung, etc. Hence, many look for used or refurbished mobiles. This is a booming market now with key eCommerce players such as Amazon and Flipkart joining the bandwagon. They now have separate section for used/ refurbished mobiles. So how can one start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles?

Although there is some ground work needed before which can be difficult, it is not impossible to start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles. Proper planning can help in faster accomplishment of this task. So here are a few basic steps to be followed to set up an online store for refurbished mobiles.

Identify the Source

The first step to start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles is to identify the source for refurbished mobile. Although it is an attractive market, it may backfire if one does not get good quality phones. Hence it is essential to get good quality refurbished mobiles. There are several ways to do it. One of the methods is to identify mobile stores which deal with refurbished mobiles. Many customers also exchange their phones quite frequently for the newest model in the market. Hence, these mobile stores can be your first source. However, you have to source from a reliable second hand phone dealer. 

Another source of refurbished phones are companies which keep updating their inventory.  Many companies sell their old phones when they change to a newer model or migrate to another phone network. Identifying such companies can also ensure a regular supply of phones that can be refurbished. You can then get in touch with a mobile service store to get the phone serviced before selling.

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Arrange for ‘Moolah’

Every business requires investment capital or ‘moolah’ to start and similarly you do need some amount in hand before you start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles. Drop-shipping may not be a good idea in this case as the shop owners would sell off the phones as soon as they get a buyer and not wait for you. Hence, you may be required to buy almost all the refurbished phones that you intend to sell online, and keep them at your disposal. To do this, you would need cash in hand. The exact amount required initially may depend on the store coverage you are looking at. If you are looking at an online store that would cater to a smaller region, then you may need a smaller amount; but, if you are looking for pan-India coverage, then you may need to stock a large number of phones.

Learn about the Mobiles

Another important aspect to be addressed before you start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles is knowing about the mobiles you intend to sell. Electronic accessories such as mobiles are bought because of their features. You need to know about the features of all the phones so that you can help the buyers know the different aspects of the phones and compare the price with the new ones. If you cannot do that, then it is preferable to hire someone who knows about them. You can hire a full time employee or someone on a freelance basis.

Starting an Online Store

Before you start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles, you also need to tie up with a logistic company to deliver the phones ordered online. A reliable logistic partner not only ensures quick delivery, but also safe and prompt delivery. With several start-up logistic companies offering door-step service, it should not be a great hassle to find an ideal logistic partner. These companies offer the services of different logistic companies such as DTDC, Fedex, BlueDart, etc at competitive rates.

Once your basic groundwork to start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles is completed, it’s time to begin working on the online store. Instead of investing a large sum of money on setting up an eCommerce or online store from scratch, it is wise to start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles through an eCommerce platform. These eCommerce platforms have ready templates which can be customised to any product that you intend to sell. Some of the important features required in an online store include – an attractive storefront, easy uploading of product features, simple management of orders received and customer reviews. All such features are readily available with eCommerce platforms such as Shopnix, which has been in business for nearly a decade. Shopnix has several attractive themes which can be customised for selling refurbished mobiles online. An important feature required in the product page of the online store is product features. With several options available to upload different features of the mobile phone on the product page, eCommerce platform offered by Shopnix can be the best option to start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles. And what more? With the help of a strong customer support team, Shopnix can help you start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles within a few days.

A few other aspects you need to work on while you plan to start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles include – packaging, branding, promoting and customer support. Packaging material to ship the phones ordered must be chosen carefully to ensure the phones are delivered safely. Branding is important not only to create an impact on the buyers but also to emerge as a reliable seller of refurbished mobiles. Promoting your online store is another aspect which can be accomplished through social influencers. Customer support is like a backbone of your online store as there would be queries at every stage of purchase and even after the sales.

Do keep these pointers in mind before you start an online store and sell refurbished mobiles.

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