How to start an Online Handicrafts Store in India ? Guide to sell handicrafts online

How to start an Online Handicrafts Store in India ? Guide to sell handicrafts online
How to start an online handicrafts store in India ? Guide to sell handicrafts online
How to start an online handicrafts store in India ? Guide to sell handicrafts online

The Indian e-commerce market is growing and soon it will become a billion dollar industry. Everyone is on the internet selling something or the other. First it started with information and now it is used to sell everything, like books, clothes, electronic items, handicrafts, insurance policies, etc. Selling handicrafts is a challenging business. It requires experience and commitment. The market is already flooded with lots of Chinese made products that are more durable and cheaper. However, if you are determined to start from scratch, here is a quick guide that will help you out. The guide will provide some basic points for consideration.

Market research

Initially start by gathering information. Do a market research and gather as much intel as possible. Collect information on consumer needs, profits margin and availability of products. An entrepreneur should find out what products are in demand and whats its supply ratio. The market research should include information about competitors and major suppliers and number of buyers. Handicraft products are fragile and less durable. If you are a craftsman yourself and have a team of artists, design products that are traditionally innovative as well as useful. If you are purchasing the products from distributors or other suppliers, keep a stock of products according to demand.

Keep an extensive catalogue

A business survives on the variety and services it provides to its customers. You can keep loads of decorative products, utility products etc. There is a huge variety of handicraft products. Map the products shrewdly. Categorize them in such a manner that a customer browses through the whole catalogue. The descriptions must be concise, yet cover all the relevant details regarding the products. The prices should be competitive as well. The customers must not feel that they are being asked a price on the higher side. An entrepreneur should consider selling only high quality products.

Responsive website

The look and feel of the website should synonymous to the products you are selling. If you are selling handicraft products, the website front should have traditional touch. The website should work on every device, platform, operating system without any glitches. The smoother it will run, the better business it will generate. The website must respond quickly even on slowest of internet speeds. The site should adapt itself as per screen size without affecting its navigation, fluidity and content. lets you create an e-commerce website with just one click. You can use the trial version and understand how it is going to benefit your business in the long run. Sign up here

Payment and procurement

The website should accept payments via all the popular methods like cash on delivery, all types of debit and credit cards, online wallets, net banking, etc. There should not be any hidden charges. The shipping must be done promptly. The packing should be such that goods reach the buyers in the same condition as they were dispatched in. The packing material used must be of excellent quality. The better your services will be, the more traffic you’ll generate. Understand customers and provide them flexible services.

Even if there are competitors, you can still strive and make a place of your own. All you need to do is, do what your competitors haven’t done or thought of doing.

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