How to Start Online Laundry Business in Bangalore

How to Start Online Laundry Business in Bangalore

As technology improves, life becomes easier! This is especially applicable to cities such as Bangalore that are growing at a rapid pace. The eCommerce industry has noted an exponential growth in the number of online stores in the past few years. This has been mainly attributed to the easy accessibility to internet and the availability of eCommerce platforms at competitive prices. There are several types of businesses that have come out of the traditional business model and ventured into the cloud services. Laundry service is one such traditional business which has entered the eCommerce space. Let’s explore more about how to start an online laundry business in Bangalore.

Know About Online Laundry Business

As with any other businesses, to start an online laundry business, one has to know how it works. It is much easier to do a business when you know in detail about its functioning, problems and challenges. If you do not have any experience in this field, then you will have to visit the existing laundry business offices/ shops to know more about it. Once you know these details, it becomes easier to identify the solutions to address the related concerns.

Determine the Service Area Coverage

Once you have understood the basics of the laundry business, you must identify the service coverage area to start an online laundry business. Although it is better to focus on a small area to understand the nuances of online laundry business, it is also suggested that covering the whole of Bangalore would be ideal. You need to identify your resources and the right investment partners to address this issue.

Identify the Right Area

Once you have identified the coverage area to start an online laundry business, you must then locate the right area to set up the basic facility. You may either think of a centralised facility or set up multiple facilities in the key areas of the city. It is better to concentrate on areas where internet users are high, especially areas where online services are being utilised to a great extent. Areas nearby to apartments, corporate apartments or hospitals, and lodges are some of the ideal locations to start. Real estate prices are also an important aspect to be considered before you start an online laundry business.

Finalise the Model (Dropship / Franchise / Own Laundry Business)

The model to start an online laundry business should also be thought through critically. You may follow the drop-ship model, where you tie-up with different laundry services across the city. You will have to arrange for pick up of laundry and drop to these locations and then drop them back to the customers. Or, take up a franchise of a well known brand of laundry services. This may be an easier step if you are a novice in this industry. If well-experienced, you may also plan to have your own set-up, wherein all the machinery is set up by you. You need to proceed according to the model that you finalise.

Plan the Pick-up and Delivery

This is the most important aspect to be addressed before you start an online laundry business. You need to plan the pick up and delivery of the laundry from all the areas. You will need to work out whether this could be accomplished using two/three/four wheeler vehicles and also whether you want to have your own fleet or hire a third party service provider. Ensuring smooth pick up and delivery will help you establish a successful online laundry business.

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Hire Staff

Having the right staff is the next important step to start an online laundry business. Staff would be required to handle laundry machines, ironing, sorting out the different laundry, tagging them, following up of orders and deliveries, etc. Staff will also be required to take orders, handle customer queries and also address their concerns. So make a list of all the different roles and their responsibilities, and then hire appropriate staff. Having the right staff before you start an online laundry business is essential for smooth execution of the whole service.

Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

Once you have accomplished all the earlier steps, you are ready for the next phase to start an online laundry business. This step is as essential as setting up the whole business, as a robust and interactive online platform is a must for online laundry business. Ecommerce platforms such as that offered by Shopnix, offers you the best solution in this regard. Different features such as storefront, ordering, tracking, following up and execution of orders is already available with eCommerce platforms. These can also be customised according to your needs at nominal charges. Further, the store should be dynamic so that it adapts to the laptop/tablet/mobile screen automatically. So, collaborating with the right eCommerce platform such as Shopnix is a critical step.

Tie-up with Lodges/Hotels

While retail orders such as those from individual houses is expected, one needs to focus on larger and fixed customers too. Hospitals, hotels, offices and lodges/resorts/stay-ins are considered as wholesale business providers. Ensure that you tie-up with such establishments for assured and continuous business, in a large scale. Any other such establishments which require laundry services should be explored. This can help in improving your business and also the returns/profits.


Once all these above mentioned aspects have been addressed, you are ready to start an online laundry business. If there are several players operating in a particular area, you may either have to choose a different area or change the strategy to ensure business. A thorough study of the existing market is hence a very important step to be accomplished before you start an online laundry business. Additionally, you should also know the functioning nuances of laundry business as well as online stores. This would help in finding solutions to the existing problems in the industry and also help you excel in this business. Further, while it is better to start small, you should already have planned the next bigger steps, so that you are ready when the actual growth happens.

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