How to start an online sweet shop in India? Guide to sell Sweet and Savouries online.

How to start an online sweet shop in India? Guide to sell Sweet and Savouries online.
start an online sweet shop in India-sell Sweet Savouries online.
start an online sweet shop in India-sell Sweet Savouries online.

Consumption of sweet or mithai is has become a tradition in India and passion for sweet lovers. Sweets and savouries are delicious items that are enjoyed by many Indians and go well with a cup of tea or coffee. During special occasions, many Indian families will buy them in large numbers and offer them to their relatives and guests. Big sweet makers like Haldirams, Bikanervala etc., which traditionally started as sweet selling shops, have dominated the business for a long time and are already online(example: Therefore, new entrepreneurs wishing to launch a web portal for selling sweets and savouries must execute their tasks meticulously in order to avoid stiff competitions. Making the items innovative is going to be the success in business like this. It is the taste, flavour, colour and texture that will appeal to consumers.

Market potential

The most important strategy of a new business is to study the market. The advantage of running a sweet selling business is that the consumer market is vast and widely spread across India. But, it is the ease of accessibility that will determine the outcome. In India, there are local and the high-end sweet shops practically in every commercial area. This is definitely an obstacle to an online shop. Therefore, the new online shop must target customers who are computer savvy and be willing to trust the business. Secondly, the business should be based in a region with significant population. This will generate more customers who would like to have their order delivered on the same day.

Responsive website

To successfully run an online shop, there needs to be a reliable web designer who will systematically list the items along with prices and pictures. The pictures must be colourful and appeal to the senses. New customers are more likely study the items from the pictures in order to get a good sense of what they are buying. The prices should be optimum and shipping cost should be displayed. Sugarfree items should be included and labelled. The website should be capable of handling large orders, especially during festival season, and must have a secured system for online payment. Orders taken on telephone should allow for Cash On Delivery. Most importantly, option for gift wrapping should be included as sweets and savouries are items that buyers often give as gifts to their loved ones. The shelf lives of the items should also be clearly labelled in the website as well in the packet. The items should be packed adequately so that they are not damaged during transportation. allows you to create a responsive website/e-commerce site with one click.


Selling of food items is regulated by Food and Drug Administration. The business owners should be aware of the regulations and comply with them. If there are any specific set of rules for online sales, then these must be noted.

A business is met with success if it is handled and managed properly. Several stages of correct planning will definitely ensure the growth of business even in case of an online sweet shop.


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