Top 10 eCommerce Blogs every entrepreneur should know

Top 10 eCommerce Blogs every entrepreneur should know
Top 10 eCommerce Blogs
Top 10 eCommerce Blogs

The corporate world is highly volatile. An entrepreneur needs to keep updated of the micro and macro changes around him. To survive in the corporate world it is important to have the latest knowledge on changes in technology, innovations related to your business, competitors, their strategies, consumer behavior etc. You can use Internet to get the latest news within minutes of its occurring. You can do so by subscribing to newsletters, magazines or newspapers, reading blogs and talking to experts and professionals. The top 10 blogs that entrepreneurs should know and read are:

#1 Shopify: Shopify provides a platform for creating of e-commerce stores. On Shopify you’ll find blogs and forums related to software development and e-commerce platforms. It provides tools and professional advices to developers and entrepreneurs. It guides people on topics related to e-commerce.

#2 Practical eCommerce: The blog is managed and authored by experts from various fields like journalism, business, retail, technology, science, hospitality etc. The experts provide working knowledge about their industry. The blog provides a variety of information related to e-commerce and new start-ups.


#3 CMS Wire: This blog focuses primarily on information related to Content Management System and e-commerce website maintenance. This is a business-oriented blog which has a lot of white papers uploaded on it. Here you’ll find webinars and podcasts from various experts.

#4 Get Elastic: This is one of the most respected blog for entrepreneurs. It covers news from all the markets around the world including Wall Street, Dalaal Street, etc. It provides detailed information on topics related to e-commerce development, software maintenance, web designing etc.

Other articles you may like to read:

#5 eCommerce Fuel: The blog provides practical tips and advices to micro, small and medium e-commerce merchants. It supports smaller merchants and helps them in achieving success. The content is posted as and when there is any update in the field.

#6 Groove eCommerce: Groove eCommerce is a blog that deals with digital business. It has a team of diverse bloggers that provides practical information on topics like SEO, SMO, digital marketing, design and development of e-commerce websites, start-up new ventures etc.

#7 Internet Retailer: This is one of the largest and most preferred blogs for publishing information related to e-commerce. It produces and publishes the list top 100 online retailers based on their ranking and customer reach-out.

#8 National Retail Federation: It is a trade association for online retailers and e-commerce sellers. It provides expert advices and deals with a variety of problems faced by e-commerce developers and website owners.

Training articles for entrepreneurs:


#9 Build my Online Store: The blog is run by e-commerce retailers. They share their experiences and knowledge backed with real life examples. It is a good blog for new entrepreneurs who are about to enter the market.

#10 eCommerce Times: The blog focuses on technologies related to IT, mobiles, smart phones etc. and its effects on present economic conditions. It provides information on technologies that can be adopted commercially.

Indian e-commerce environment is different from the rest of the world. Here, in India there are loads of complications. All these blogs may cater to the Indian Audience when it comes to motivation, inspiration and ideas but Shopnix is here to listen to the banter of entrepreneurs here. Shopnix is here to help them out of the dilemmas and provide them with new ray of hope.

Shopnix allows you to create your online store with just one click. Shopnix’s Blog talks about varied nuances of Indian e-e-commerce market.




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